Glorious! This Couple Helped Ojol Who Spilled Food Orders


Jakarta -Eating out at night, this husband and wife (couple) find something unexpected. Help ojol drivers who experience misfortune, they replace spilled orders scattered on the road.

When activities start to quiet down, it is possible that things can happen at night. Many stories also come from friends online motorcycle taxi driver who can work late into the night.

Some are disturbed by spirits to those who receive fictitious or lying orders. While out of the house for dinner, the couple met an online motorcycle taxi driver who was having a hard time right in front of him.

Eating at a roadside stall, the couple couldn’t bear to see the fate of the ojol driver. In fact, both of them had replaced orders brought by online motorcycle taxi drivers.

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While eating on the side of the road, this couple met an ojol who had an accident. Photo: Instagram/

Quoting Instagram (4/3), this couple caught the attention of netizens after sharing their story of meeting ojol who had bad luck. The two of them who were visiting their customers’ roadside stalls couldn’t bear and felt sorry for motorcycle taxi driver the.

“Ojol’s brother’s order fell while he was driving. We were eating at the roadside, suddenly heard the sound of a passing motorbike. It’s not like the ojol who was carrying food orders and the food accidentally fell right in front of us,” wrote Rirry.

Rirry and her husband shared that the incident took place in the middle of the night, precisely at 1 am. When he met, the ojol driver also seemed to be shaking and scared.

With good intentions, Rirry and her husband then agreed to help the ojol driver. Ordering the exact same food, Rirry’s husband helped the ojol driver not to be scolded by customers and given a bad rating.

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Glorious! This Couple Helped Ojol Who Spilled Food OrdersHelping ojol whose food orders fell scattered, this couple helped to replace the same order. Photo: Instagram/

The broken drinks can be seen scattered on the streets and can no longer be saved. According to information received by detikcom (5/3), the drinks were iced coffee and floats.

Admitting they couldn’t help much, Rirry and her husband hoped that what they had done could at least ease the ojol driver. This kind act was appreciated by many people and many said they were touched and prayed for the good things for Rirry and her husband.

“Thank you, Sis, for the understanding we feel. Hopefully, you and your family will always be blessed by Allah SWT. Amen,” wrote the account @prmna who is also a online motorcycle taxi driver.

“Ah, thank you so much good people. Masya Allah, I’m really touched. God willing, always blessings,” wrote the account @amandapratamadik.

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