Give Hot Chocolate with a Touching Message, This Barista Praised


A barista from one of the famous coffee shops flooded with compliments after giving a touching message to a girl. Here’s the full story!

The world-renowned coffee shop outlet called Starbucks is known to have the best service. Likewise the attitude shown by the baristas.

Various good and fun stories come from Starbucks baristas in various countries. One of them is from a barista at Starbucks SPID & Staples, United States.

Reporting from Metro (23/2), this barista is said to have a good attitude because he is worried about a girl who is doing work while ordering drinks there alone. Story barista this was shared by the teen’s mother on Facebook.

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Good Barista Gives A Teenager A Touching Message in a Drink Cup. Photo: metro, iStock

Brandy Roberson, the mother of the 18-year-old girl, wrote the story of the daughter that the barista from Starbucks was worried about. It started with the princess who was doing chores alone while drinking casually at Starbuks and was visited by a man.

“So my son was sitting alone studying in one of the places and there was a guy coming in, the guy was paying attention to what my son was learning and wanted to talk about it (lessons),” said Brandy Broberson.

“The guy, I think, got a little noisy and excited about it. Then the barista came over to my daughter with hot chocolate.”

The barista thought that the man who came to the girl was acting badly. According to the mother’s story, the barista gave a cup of hot chocolate to her son.

Good Barista Gives A Teenager A Touching Message in a Drink Cup.Good Barista Gives A Teenager A Touching Message in a Drink Cup. Photo: metro, iStock

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On the hot chocolate cup was a touching message that read, “Are you okay? Would you like us (the baristas) to reprimand him? If so, please open the lid.”

But because the child didn’t feel he was in a risky situation, he didn’t open the lid of the cup at all. Knowing the story, Brandy was deeply moved by the attitude the Starbucks barista took.

“It makes me relieved that the barista at Starbucks is taking care of my son. As a mother, it is my biggest fear that something bad will happen to her and no one will help her,” Brandy said in relief.

The story that Brandy shared on Facebook has already been liked by 90,000 users. He also uploaded a photo of a cup of hot chocolate along with a touching message from the barista.

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