GetPaid Offers EWA so Employees Don’t Get Trapped in Illegal Loans

IN order to improve the financial welfare of employees, especially in Indonesia, PT Digital Gaji Asia (GetPaid) has held HR (Human Resources) activities.) Gathering at H Building, Jakarta.

HR Gathering with the theme “Understanding Employee Needs With GetPaid” with an early salary withdrawal system or so-called Earned Wage Access (EWA) is presented to maintain the welfare of workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event was attended by several companies including; Nityo Infotech, Ninja Express, Harapan Baru Lidya, Optik Tunggal, Agro Tech, Advance Mediacare Corpora, Sinar Selaras Rezeki, Bithour, Hello Kreasi Pratama, Plastech Indonesia, Maximus Makmur Medika, Surya Kreasi. Apart from the company, members of the media were also present.

“The purpose of holding this event, among others, is a means of gathering and establishing togetherness, kinship, harmony with fellow HR and GetPaid employees, a means of exchanging information and experiences, so that intimacy and cooperation can be established in the financial welfare of employees in Indonesia,” said Regional Director Getpaid Indonesia Joses Thohjono in a press statement received on Saturday (18/6).

“It is hoped that they can synergize in the welfare of the facilities provided to employees so that employees are more productive at work,” said Joses

“My hope is that at this first event, in the context of jointly improving the financial welfare of employees, especially in order to avoid being entangled in loans on line (pinjol) illegal,” said Joses.

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Meanwhile, CEO & CO Founder of Getpaid Asia, Mitchell Goh, said, “Welcome to this event, and I hope it goes well and smoothly and Getpaid can attend to meet the needs of employees in the financial sector”.

The material provided is very interesting with the theme personal finance management presented by Andri Witjaksono, MBA, CFP, PFC.

He said, “Four” independent financial layer, invites participants to better understand financial independence by arranging monthly finances into parts of 50% needs, 30% wants, 20% savings”.

In addition, the presentation and introduction of Getpaid Indonesia was delivered by Hilton Lie, as COO of Getpaid Indonesia.

He said, “EArned Wage Access (EWA) is a language that is currently a trend, it will be better understood by the people of Indonesia by doing Kasbon automatically on line assisted setting and control by Getpaid,”.

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