Gaming Headset Recommendation, Makes Playing Games Feel Real

KNOWN for their quality and low prices, manufacturers gaming gear local NYK Nemesis again pampers the gamers by presenting a product that is hard to resist.

This time two gaming headset which is claimed to be able to make the sensation of playing games real. Second those gaming headsets are the Thunder HS-E10 and Zeus HS-E8.

That’s because gaming headset This feature has the advantage of 7.1 Surround Sound which makes the sound produced very clear.

Not only that, 3 sound equalizer mode This product also pampers users to change the quality of the rhythm of the sound to be varied so that it is not boring.

“Because usually when you’re tired of playing” games, gamers listen to music for a break, well feature 3 sound equalizer mode on gaming headset This is very useful,” said Deven Setyanata Head of Product Development NYK Nemesis in a press statement, Friday (13/5).

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Quality body second gaming headset It is also sturdy, because it uses metal elements, which makes the flexibility of gaming headsets to be maintained, suitable for all sizes and shapes of gamers’ heads.

“The cable used is also Braided Grade A 2.5m, super sturdy and resistant to all the worst things, such as accidentally falling or being bitten by a rat,” said Deven.

In terms of appearance, continued Deven, the two NYK Nemesis gaming headsets also feature RGB lights to add an eye-catching impression.

“Especially for the Zeus E8 Gaming Headset type which has 4 RGB modes,” said Deven.

Speaking of prices, the Thunder HS-E10 is priced at IDR 425,000 and the Zeus HS-E8 for IDR 340,000.

But Deven informs that currently NYK Nemesis is holding a discount and additional bonus for both gaming headset this.

“Purchase of Thunder HS-E10 will get a bonus Stand Luminate T10 headset for Rp. 305,000 and specifically for Zeus E8, a discount of Rp. 238,000, this promo is valid at your favorite NYK Nemesis e-commerce official store and all offline stores spread throughout Indonesia,” said Dev. (RO/OL-09)

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