Galaxy A33 5G Features Make Mabar Smoother

Currently, the trend of mobile gaming is increasing and is in great demand by the people of Indonesia as an option to fill their spare time. Based on a survey, the number of mobile gamers in Indonesia reached 114 million.

In addition, it is also known that in 2021, in Indonesia there will be an increase in the number of mobile game downloads by 26% from the previous period. However, it is not uncommon for mobile gamers to feel that their gaming performance using their smartphone has not been maximized due to many disturbances such as lagging, notifications that appear in the middle of a game, gaming applications that are located irregularly, until the battery runs out quickly.

Understanding this, Samsung presents a solution for gamers that allows them to improve their gaming performance with an even more exciting experience thanks to the reliable support of the Awesome features of the Galaxy A33 5G.

“Galaxy A33 5G comes with prices starting from 4 million supported by Awesome features that allow users to experience mobile gaming with more optimal performance. Along with the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, especially among Gen Z, the esports industry in Indonesia is also becoming more and more passionate. Seeing this fact, Samsung is inspired to continue to help hone talent and improve the abilities of the Awesome Generation in the field of esports, and we show this commitment through the Galaxy A Series which supports the holding of MPL Indonesia Season 10 and becomes the official smartphone partner for the 2022 Esports President Cup, “said Ilham Indrawan, MX Product Marketing Senior Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia, yesterday. (OL-12)

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