Funny! 5 Unique Behaviors of Caucasians When Falling in Love with Indonesian Food


Indonesian food turns out to be favored by many Caucasians aka foreigners. They even have a unique behavior after claiming to fall in love with Indonesian food. Here are 5 of them.

Tasting Indonesian food, these Caucasians end up addicted. They like meatballs, clear vegetables, to street chicken porridge which is popular as a breakfast menu. These Caucasians even have a unique behavior when enjoying the Indonesian food.

Call it a Russian Caucasian who chooses to eat meatballs with bananas. Then there are Caucasians who make tweets about Indonesian chicken porridge. He said it tasted better than the popular English Breakfast.

Here detikfood summarizes 5 unique behavior of Caucasians when they fall in love with Indonesian food:

1. Eat meatballs with bananas

Photo: Instagram ulianaci

Ulya is a Russian Caucasian who currently lives in East Java with her husband and child. He admits that he likes Indonesian food, including meatballs. One day he was asked by netizens whether he likes petai? Responding to the question, Ulya proved that he likes bananas.

He eats bananas in an unusual way, which is used as a complement to the egg balls he ordered! According to him, this unique combination of food tastes delicious and fresh.

Ulya also said that he was a Pete lover. He has often eaten meatballs with raw bananas. This action is widely responded to by netizens. Many do not expect this unique combination of favorite Russian Caucasians. “This is the first time someone has eaten meatballs with bananas, where did this inspiration come from?,” asked a netizen.

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2. 22 kilograms of rice stock

Funny!  5 Unique Behaviors of Caucasians When Falling in Love with Indonesian FoodPhoto: Instagram artwitch95

If most Caucasians are more fond of bread than rice, this is different from Caucasians from Minneapolis, United States. His name is Adrien who claims to be crazy about rice, the staple food of Indonesians and many other Asians.

Through the Instagram upload @artwitch95, he shows the moment of buying up to 22 kilograms of rice for his own food stock. “All my life my favorite food was just plain white rice,” the 26-year-old said in an Instagram video.

He also really wanted to have a rice dispenser. Finally he managed to get this item as a Christmas present last year. Adrien’s story about his love for rice made Indonesian and Asian netizens even more excited after being uploaded by Instagram @9gag.

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3. Clear vegetable breakfast

Funny!  5 Unique Behaviors of Caucasians When Falling in Love with Indonesian FoodPhoto: YouTube Nick K

Nick K is a Caucasian from the United States who once lived in the house of a resident of Jember, East Java. He looks ‘local’ and does not hesitate to live in a simple villager’s house.

Another ‘local’ moment is seen when Nick K enjoys breakfast. In his YouTube shows, he can be seen being treated to a variety of foods, such as clear vegetables filled with spinach and oyong, tempeh, fish, corn bakwan, and rice.

Nick K takes rice with side dishes tempeh, fish, and cornbread. He also took clear vegetables as a complementary soup for his breakfast. Nick K enjoyed his breakfast menu voraciously. He even drank hot sweet tea to finish his breakfast.

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