Fun Healing Place in Malang, Try Coming to Sumberawan Temple


If a traveler is on vacation in Malang, try to come to Sumberawan Temple. Besides being able to see historical relics, you can also enjoy the freshness of the pine forest.

Sumberawan Temple is located in Toyomarto Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency. The location of this temple is 6 kilometers from Singosari Temple.

This temple is not as famous as other temples in Malang Regency because of its remote location. The location of the temple may be in the middle of the forest, but don’t worry because the road to get there is smooth and can be passed by two and four-wheeled vehicles.

The atmosphere of Sumberawan Temple is so cool and beautiful because it is located in a pine forest. Even though it only leaves a stupa building and some stones that are not intact, the temple area is still neatly arranged like being in a garden.

Sumberawan Temple. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Travelers can also hear the flow of water which adds to the cool impression. This water flow comes from under the temple which is a large water source.

Inside the temple area there is also a Sendang Kederajatan, a bath filled with water from under the temple. The water here is so clean and considered sacred.

In addition, there is also another room where the water is believed to be efficacious for health. So clean the water there, the water can be drunk directly.

Pine Forest at Sumberawan TemplePine forest around Sumberawan Temple. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Sumberawan Temple is also relatively quiet compared to other tourist areas in Malang. This place is suitable for travelers who want to be alone and heal.

According to the caretaker of Sumberawan Temple, Rosida, several visitors came to pray. Sumberawan Temple is still used for worship, especially by Buddhists during Vesak.

If a traveler wants to fill his stomach, around this temple there are also stalls selling food and drinks. In addition, the pine forest area is also equipped with photo spots and outbound games that can be enjoyed.

To enter this area, a traveler only needs to pay Rp. 5 thousand per person. Sumberawan Temple is open every day from 08.00-16.00 WIB.

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