From Jakarta to NTB, These are 6 Interesting Archipelago Tourism Villages to Visit


The Nusantara Tourism Village hashtag was trending on Twitter. These are a few tourist villages in Indonesia that a traveler can include in their travel plans.

With the hashtag Nusantara tourism village, local residents compete to promote the beauty of their respective areas. The majority favor nature tourism, but there are also those who prioritize the creativity of their citizens, as well as the reliability of the internet or its culture.

Travelers already know that there are many interesting tourist villages in Indonesia?

Here are six tourist villages in the country among the hundreds that exist:

1. Nglanggeran Tourism Village

Not only presenting beauty, Nglanggeran has become one of the world’s best tourist villages. This award is given by the World Tourism Organization under the United Nations (UNWTO).

The Sensation of Climbing the Ancient Volcano of Nglanggeran Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Nglanggeran is the best village based on the innovation and transformation of tourism that has been carried out. In this village there is also an Ancient Volcano which is one of the UNESCO recognized Geosites.

Well, uniquely, Nglanggeran Tourism Village has souvenirs in the form of various processed chocolates which are directly produced by the villagers.

2. Tetebatu Village

Tetebatu is also one of the tourist villages proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) as the world’s best tourist village together with Nglanggeran Tourism Village and Wae Rebo Tourism Village. The green rice fields stretch widely, the nature and culture are still very well preserved.

The name Tetebatu Village has attracted the attention of travelers lately.  Located on the slopes of a mountain, this village is one of Indonesia's representatives in the international arena.The name Tetebatu Village has attracted the attention of travelers lately. Located on the slopes of a mountain, this village is one of Indonesia’s representatives in the international arena. Photo: Rachman_punyaFOTO

This tourist village, located in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is already famous among foreign tourists. Tetebatu is the first tourist village in Indonesia to use Google tracker.

Cooperation with Google Asia Pacific was established in 2014. All roads to the alley in Tetebatu have been recorded on Google. Until 2016, Tetebatu got Google Verification.

3. Wae Rebo Tourism Village

The charm of Wae Rebo Tourism Village makes it have the nickname heaven above the clouds of NTT. No wonder Wae Rebo is one of the candidates in the UNWTO Best Tourism Village 2021 event.

The beautiful landscape plus its unique culture are the main attractions of Wae Rebo Tourism Village. This tourist village is located above an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level.

Wae Rebo Tourism Village in Manggarai, NTTWae Rebo Tourism Village in Manggarai, NTT Photo: Kemenparekraf

The expanse of green grass surrounded by mountains with fog becomes the charm of the village. Ets, not only the beauty that deserves thumbs up. In the Tourism Village Award (ADWI) 2021, the tourist village of Wae Rebo won first place in the tourist attraction category.