For the sake of free sushi, people change their name to ‘Salmon’, they can’t go back to their real names


In mid-2021, Taiwanese flocked to replace their names with the word ‘salmon’ in order to get free sushi at a restaurant. But now reportedly, the government wants to forbid the name to be changed again!

A sushi restaurant chain called Sushiro had caused a stir in the Taiwanese public because of its unique promotion in March 2021. They promised to give sushi free for visitors whose names contain strange words.

Sushiro restaurant also held a free all-you-can-eat promo, especially for people who have an element of the word ‘salmon’. The name ‘salmon’ in question also applies to Mandarin, namely ‘gui yu’.

If you already have the name element in the Identity Card, visitors can eat sushi free at the same time get a discount of up to 50% there.

This unique promo reportedly lasts only 2 days, but the enthusiasm of the Taiwanese is very high. Hundreds of people flocked to government offices to change names. They do not consider changing the name is something serious.

Salmon sashimi is one of the favorite menus in many sushi restaurants. Photo: iStock

Like a female student from Taichung. He is willing to change his name to ‘Kuo Salmon Rice Bowl’ so he can treat his friends to sushi at Sushiro. After that he plans to change his name to the beginning.

There are also those who are desperate to change their name to “Salmon Dream” to “Dancing Salmon”. The total number of Taiwanese who changed their names to take advantage of this sushi promo reportedly reached 331 people.

One participant said, during the promotion period Sushiro, he went to that restaurant almost 15 times. They said they were not too worried because the Taiwanese government allowed someone to change their name 3 times in their lifetime.

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Some people unfortunately have to be willing to spend the rest of their lives with the name “Salmon” because the ration 3 times has been used. They can’t go back to their original names. There are also those who have to ‘stuck’ with that name for 1 year.

The Taiwanese government also criticized Sushiro’s promo. They complained about the large number of unnecessary issuance of name change documents for this. They also asked the public to be more rational by not arbitrarily changing names.

Healthy Sushi Consumption, Is It Right?Sushiro sushi restaurant in Taiwan was horrendous because it held a promotion for owners of the name ‘salmon’ to get free sushi. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

quote Next Shark (31/5), this name change case is back in the spotlight. The legislature of Taiwan’s national parliament is debating whether the name rules should be changed so that individuals can change their names back? There are also efforts to prevent future incidents of “salmon mess.”

New Power Party legislator Chiu Hsien-chih suggested solutions such as changing costs and cooling down periods. However, other legislators have suggested that the name rules be revised to be more stringent so that one cannot easily change names.

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