Following Digital Trends, McDonald’s Ready to Present Metaverse Restaurant


Following the growing trend of digital technology, McDonald’s is ready to become a restaurant with a metaverse concept. What kind of dining experience will customers have?

Metaverse is a digital space that offers many activities that are similar to real-world experiences. This concept has already begun to be applied in videogames and other digital technologies. It is undeniable, these technological advances make many things change.

Reporting from Mashed (14/2) McDonald’s is ready to apply the metaverse concept in serving customers.

Metaverse Digital Trends Photo: Getty Images/spflaum1

Previously, there was a Walmart department store that first entered the digital market by selling various goods virtually. This department store also plans to launch its own cryptocurrency to keep up with the developments of the digital era.

McDonald’s also seems to have seen the potential of this new digital space. According to Insider, McDonald’s has applied for their trademark as a chain of food companies to be able to deliver food online.

In addition to selling real food, McDonald’s also plans to legally sell virtual food. This restaurant allows customers to open this online-based business by selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to giving permission to open virtual restaurants in the metaverse to then serve real food.

The fast-food restaurant filed 10 applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month for the McDonald’s and McCafe brands. Reportedly the first McDonald’s metaverse restaurant branch will open in the near future.

“You hang out in the metaverse and get hungry. You don’t need to put your headset on. You walk into McDonald’s and order. It arrives at your door moments later,” said trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

Following Digital Trends, McDonald's Ready to Present Metaverse RestaurantMcDonald’s Restaurant Photo: Getty Images/spflaum1

Gerben further explained that there was a possibility that McDonald’s would sell food to virtual drinks. However, the food and drink are not meant to be eaten. Buyers can download it as a multimedia document containing artwork, audio, text, or video in the form of NFT.

McDonald’s registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office is said to take about eight months. It seems that it didn’t take long for McDonald’s to enter the digital metaverse.

The sensation and experience of buying food at the McDonald’s metaverse is still not clear, all will be answered when this digital restaurant is launched.

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