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Flooded with Spam Calls, Indonesia Vulnerable to Fraud

INDONESIA is listed as one of the countries with the highest number of calls spam highest in the world. That fact is obtained from the results of the report Truecaller Global Spam Report 2021 carried out by the service provider of the phone number tracker application, true caller.

Based on the report compiled from January 2021 to the end of last October, Indonesia ranks sixth with the number of telephone reports spam the most. The report states that there are at least 20 countries in the world with the highest number of spam calls.

The top three positions are filled by Brazil, Peru and Ukraine. Above Indonesia, there are India and Mexico, which are in the fourth and fifth positions. From the report, it can also be concluded that Indonesia will be the country with the highest number of spam calls in Southeast Asia in 2021.

Global Head of Corporate Communication at Truecaller, Hitesh Raj Bhagat, said Indonesia was one of two countries on the list that reported a significant increase in spam calls. Total spam calls in Indonesia reached almost 12.6 million in January, then increased to more than 25 million in October 2021.

“We collect call data spam with a community based system. All incoming data will be processed by our systems and machines without any user information or message content being read by our side,” Bhagat said in a virtual discussion with Indonesian mediaFriday (4/3).

The average Indonesian user receives 14 calls spam every day. As many as 50% of them do not come from numbers that have been stored in the contact book.

During the reporting process, Truecaller identified 184.5 billion calls and 586 billion messages. Among these, 37.8 billion calls and 182 billion messages were identified and blocked as spam.

CEO and Co-Founder truecaller, Alan Mamedi, said, in Indonesia, fraudsters target targets in a very scientific and targeted way.

They can even dig up detailed background information and financial records of their victims.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that very few Indonesians are aware of the fraudulent actions of this scheme. Only 1% of all blocked calls are flagged as fraudulent, while the number of fraud threats continues to grow.

Calling spam in Indonesia, most of them are reported to come from financial services, followed by calls by sales. Only 1% reported fraud over the phone.

“Our data shows that Indonesians are being targeted by fraud with increasing levels of unwanted communication terror, putting millions of smartphone users in Indonesia at risk of becoming victims of fraud,” said Mamedi.

Meanwhile, based on the same report, it is known that Brazil remains in the first rank as the country receiving the most spam for four consecutive years. Average users Truecaller in Brazil received 32.9 calls spam per month. There is a gap in numbers spam which is significant with Peru taking second place with an average of 18.02 spam calls received by users in a month. (Pro/M-2)