Fit iQ App Ready To Be Personal Health Assistant

AFTER facing a prolonged pandemic since 2020, health issues have always been the main and most important topic for the people of Indonesia, even the world, especially in the rhythm of their daily lives. After facing health problems for the past two years, public awareness for healthy living is getting higher. This can be seen from the large public interest in seeking adequate information on health services to improve healthy and clean living standards.

The developments and challenges of healthy living, especially among today’s youth, have driven the presence of the Fit iQ application. This application is a health partner who understands the needs of a healthy and energetic life. Starting from the desire to live a healthier life, the young founder of the Fit iQ application, Larrence Bennet Hidayat, said that a healthy life cannot be carried out with just a one or two month diet routine, but is long term and must change our lifestyle and make it a routine every day. day. “A healthy and good body will make changes in patterns and lifestyles. Fit iQ is here to bridge these two things,” said Larrence.

He added that many people want to live a healthy life but often forget it because of their busy lives and activities. For this reason, Fit iQ helps us to be more disciplined and committed to achieving excellent health so that we can live more comfortably, so that we can avoid various diseases that lead to higher expenses. “By using the features of the Fit iQ not only as a personal health assistant, but also to educate people about healthy living,” added Larrence.

Larrence assures Fit iQ has the goal of forming and partnering with a health community for people who want to join and get more support and motivation. “Fit iQ is a place where people can live a healthy life in a way that is more fun and fun,” he said. Through the personal health assistant feature, Fit iQ will monitor the calorie needs and nutritional intake needed by users of this application. Therefore, professional experts will record it all in a diary.

In this case, Fit iQ will act as a reminder and tracker for users regarding adequate calorie intake, nutrition, water, to various appropriate steps that must be taken to maintain a healthy body. If it has been recorded properly, Fit iQ will remind users whether these needs have met their needs or not.

In addition, the Fit iQ platform has two companion features, namely Fit Me and Food to Fit. Fit Me is a feature in the form of an online monitoring system-based health consultation with nutritionists. In addition, this feature provides a Genomic Diet program, which is a DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) based diet program.

The Food to Fit feature is presented to help provide food for users according to their body condition in meeting nutritional health standards and quality based on calorie intake and required nutrition. Larrence revealed, to provide such food, Fit iQ works with selected restaurants. Every transaction through Food to Fit will be recorded in a diary that is kept neat and complete for users.

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The Fit iQ application is easy to download on your smartphone via the PlayStore on Android and the Appstore on the Iphone. This application is very interesting because you can find various kinds of health consultations, ranging from nutritional problems, hormones, diabetes and internal medicine. Unlike other applications, Fit iQ is a one-stop solution in maintaining and maintaining health. (RO/OL-14)

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