Find claws in roasted chicken, this woman is traumatized by not wanting to eat meat


A woman admits to being traumatized by eating meat after discovering the presence of Chicken feet in the roast chicken he’d just bought. In fact, he even fainted because of it.

Chicken feet are indeed one of the foods that are considered unusual for some people. Because they think the shape is very disgusting.

But many also like chicken feet because it has a chewy texture. Chicken feet are a delicious dish in Indonesia and South Korea.

If in Indonesia, chicken feet cooked with soto, chicken noodle topping, until the claw firecrackers. While in South Korea there is a food called dakbal, chicken feet cooked with spicy spices.

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A woman named Mercedes Checkley who was traumatized by eating meat because she found chicken feet. Photo: Mercedes Checkley / SWNS

A woman named Mercedes Checkley from England, one of the people who are not used to chicken feet. Citing Mirror (9/2), Checkley was traumatized when he found claws on his grilled chicken order.

Checkley is understood to have purchased the roast chicken from Lidl for £3.99 (p 77,615). The roast chicken he bought was whole and quite large.

Seeing the outside appearance looks delicious and appetizing. Checkley also did not see anything strange about the roast chicken.

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The trauma of eating meat from finding claws in roasted chicken.Chicken feet in roasted chicken that traumatized Checkley. Photo: Mercedes Checkley / SWNS

Until when he split the chicken and saw it was chicken feet on the inside. Checkley was immediately startled and felt nauseous.

According to the story, Checkley also fainted after vomiting. Since then, Checkley felt traumatized and no longer wanted to eat meat.

“I didn’t eat the chicken at all. My housemates heard that I was making weird noises and something was wrong,” said Checkley.

“It was very shocking. At first I didn’t believe it was claws, but it turned out to be real and I passed out and was traumatized after that. Since then I haven’t eaten and really don’t want to eat meat anymore,” he concluded.

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