Feels hit by the price because of the weight of his chicken breast, the difference is 59 grams


Feeling hit by the price tag, this netizen showed evidence of the chicken breast he bought at the supermarket. The label says it weighs 224 grams, but when he weighed himself, the chicken breast only weighed 165 grams.

Get price is an event that harms consumers. In addition to taking place in restaurants where the manager deliberately increases the menu price, price get-ups can also occur in supermarkets or fresh grocery stores.

Sellers may cheat consumers by writing false information about the weight of the food being sold. The weight written on the packaging does not match the original.

One of them was experienced by a woman in Singapore named Nina Monzolevska. Through his TikTok account, ninamonzolevska, he said he was disappointed with the FairPrice supermarket.

“FairPrice doesn’t seem fair anymore,” he said in the video caption. Nina showed me the package of chicken breasts she had bought. It was written on the package that the weight of the chicken breast was 224 grams, then Nina idly weighed the chicken breast herself.

It turns out that it only weighs 165 grams, including the packaging weight. There is a difference of 59 grams which according to Nina is detrimental. Meanwhile, the price of chicken breast is normal, according to the weight of 224 grams, which is SGD 2.42 or around Rp. 25,900.

Chicken breast that should have been 224 grams turned out to be only 165 grams Photo: TikTok ninamonzolevska via Mothership SG

Nina also feels like a victim get price as a result of this. He said that supermarkets cheated to increase prices by 36 percent. Should have weighed 165 grams, the chicken breast was sold for SGD 1.78, aka around Rp. 19 thousand.

To Mothership SG (6/2/2022), Nina said she bought the chicken breast at Fairprice Xtra which is located in Nex mall in Serangoon. Purchased on February 5, 2022.

Nina also informed that this is not the first time she has found a serious mistake in the food sold in supermarkets. Therefore, he did not hesitate to weigh the food ingredients himself while still at the supermarket.

But when she bought the chicken breast, Nina was in a hurry so she weighed it herself at home. “When I got home and started taking out the things I bought, the chicken was too light to match the weight on the label,” he said.

Responding to Nina’s complaint, FairPrice said that it strictly maintains integrity, including maintaining the accuracy of information on food labels. Therefore FairPrice has contacted Nina for further investigation.

Chicken breastChicken breast is the topic of the latest price quote in Singapore Photo: iStock

“We’re also asking customers who find a product labeling discrepancy to contact our store staff immediately so we can fix this issue in a timely manner,” FairPrice wrote in a Facebook post. They offer a full refund or exchange solution for inaccurately labeled products.

Seeing Nina’s upload, many netizens also commented. One of them regretted Nina’s actions for ‘bringing’ this problem to social media, but Nina had a special reason.

He felt that his only aim was to prevent people from experiencing the same thing as get price this. Many netizens also defended his actions.