Feel the Diversity of Tribes and Cultures in Tarempa, This is Perfect for Holidays

Anambas Islands

Tarempa is the capital city of the Anambas Archipelago which is geographically located on the border. Its location on the edge of the sea makes it look very beautiful. So what is the portrait of the economy, tourism, social and culture of the people?

detikTravel with BRI in the Tapal Boundary program had the opportunity to stop directly in this city to see up close the activities of the people’s economic center in the Anambas Islands.

To get to Tarempa, a traveler must use sea transportation from Padang Melang Harbor, near Letung Airport on Jemaja Island to Tarempa. The duration of the trip is 2-3 hours.

When you want to arrive, the traveler will be greeted with views of the magnificent mosque building with a green dome. On the pier there are many boats that lean close to residential areas. The fishing boats which are often called the ‘pompong’ people take turns coming and going.

According to the Head of the Anambas Tourism and Culture Office, Effi Sjuhairi, of the 26 inhabited islands in Anambas, Tarempa on Siantan Island is one of the busiest areas.

“Yes, for Anambas, the economic center is in the capital city of Tarempa on Siantan Island, this is the most active area. Because visitors who come generally go directly to Tarempa or Siantan Island,” he said some time ago.

The charm of Tarempa in the Anambas Islands. Photo: doc. detik.com

As you know, the population of Tarempa is very diverse, consisting of Malay, Minang, Javanese, Batak, Banjar, Bugis, Chinese, and several other tribes. Everyday people use the Malay language.

The majority of residents in Tarempa live in wooden plank houses with various colors. Many of the houses here rest on logs above sea level. The majority of their main livelihoods also depend on the marine sector such as fishing.

The main transportation access in Tarempa is pompong, a type of fishing boat. On land, they use a two-wheeled motorized vehicle called ‘Honda’ instead of a motorbike, because motor refers to a pompong ship.

There are no four-wheeled vehicles passing by in Tarempa. A traveler if he wants to visit various tourist destinations must use a ‘Honda’ or walk because the locations are close to each other.

Talking about tourist destinations, there are many unique tourist icons in Tarempa City and are often visited by tourists such as Batu Tumpak Tiga, Batu Lepe, Baitul Makmur Great Mosque, Baiturrahim Jamik Mosque, Gunung Dewa Siantan Temple to the charm of Temburun Waterfall. There are also beautiful beaches and islands near Tarempa.

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