Farmers in Guatemala Harvest Bananas with Unique Technology, Here’s How


There is a unique way to harvest bananas, there is a special technology created by the banana farmer in Guatemala. No need to bother lifting it, just an artificial rail like this.

In various countries, farmers have their own ways to ease their work. Not a few technologies are deliberately created to help the agricultural sector so that the results are more effective.

Starting from engineering plant seeds so that the fruit yields are dense and of good quality to various technologies that are prepared to assist the harvesting and processing of crops. Not only countries like Japan, there are many countries that are also able to bring this advanced agricultural technology.

In Guatemala, Central America, there is an area known for its banana production. To make it easier for banana farmers to work, it turns out that there is a sophisticated tool that is so unique.

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A netizen named Mark shared that he was forced to stop his journey due to farming activities in Guatemala. Photo: Twitter/MarkTomasovic

Citing Twitter account @MarkTomasovic (1/2), Mark shows a video showing how it works banana farmer in Guatemala. He was passing through a small town in Guatemala.

While passing, his vehicle and several other people were stopped by banana farmers. Not because a bunch of animals were crossing or cows carrying agricultural produce but because a bunch of bananas were crossing.

“Banana crossing in Guatemala,” Mark wrote in his video caption.

In the video, you can also see a large road, which is indeed on the right and left there is a stretch of dense banana plantations. In order to make the work of farmers easier, a banana transporter was created that uses a conveyor belt or running rail.

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Advanced technology of banana growers in GuatemalaIt turns out that there is a conveyor belt or running rail that was deliberately created to transport bananas. Local people are used to stopping and giving in to letting the bananas cross first. Photo: Twitter/MarkTomasovic

The bananas that have been harvested are then transferred from the opposite land to the collection site by hanging them on a conveyor belt. Installed lengthwise across the main road, local people seem to be used to stopping to wait for the bananas to ‘cross the road’.

According to information obtained by detikcom (3/2), the use of conveyor belts to move bananas is in the city of Quirigua. It turns out that this banana crossing technology is a hereditary heritage that has been carried out by Guatemalan farmers since more than a decade ago.

Mark’s upload made many people surprised and did not expect there to be such a smart farmer with such a unique technology. Viewed by more than 246,000 viewers, many netizens are amazed by the way it works banana farmer the Guatemalan.

“I usually respond with a ‘moo’ sound when I see cows crossing. For this one I don’t understand what to respond to,” wrote the @AgeLeanStrong account.

“It’s really not something I’ve ever thought of before. It’s amazing!” write the account @emileriksson.

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