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EMOS, Digital Distribution Platform for Health Products

AMAZON Web Services (AWS), an Amazon.com company, announced that Enseval, a subsidiary of Kalbe Group, the largest pharmaceutical, health and nutritional product provider in Southeast Asia, has developed its Electronic Mobile Order System (EMOS), using AWS technology.

EMOS is a digital distribution platform dedicated to healthcare products. Enseval’s business unit, PT Emos Global Digital runs the majority of EMOS’ information technology (IT) infrastructure in the world’s leading cloud.

EMOS enables businesses engaged in the health sector such as pharmacies and hospitals to order various products through a digital marketplace.

In this marketplace, there is an order management system, an integrated marketing platform, a cashless payment system, and a digital loyalty program. The availability of these functions makes it easier for health service providers to order various products they need.

As health products become more accessible, the presence of EMOS is able to increase access to health for millions of Indonesians and save many lives.

Comprehensive AWS capabilities, including in the compute and database realms, are embedded in EMOS. As a result, PT Emos Global Digital can simplify operational processes, provide infrastructure in minutes instead of days, and cut infrastructure costs compared to on-premises.

As the number of customers who buy products online using their devices grows, the expectation of an easy and fun digital experience increases as well.

Enseval strives to answer this demand by providing increasingly fast and reliable digital services. For example, PT Emos Global Digital automatically scales EMOS workloads with an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) solution to be able to serve drastically increased demand at peak times such as month-end or during promotions.

Amazon EC2 itself is a web-based service that offers secure and scalable computing using the cloud. PT Emos Global Digital is also able to reduce the duration of transactions in the EMOS application from minutes to seconds, so that the ordering stage becomes much faster and more convenient for customers.

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With Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) that makes it easy to operate relational databases in the cloud, PT Emos Global Digital can cut the time needed for database management. Companies can use this extra free time to quickly develop new services, features and applications, which will have a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

“We can develop new digital services on AWS at high speed. Health products are becoming more accessible, so that public health access is getting better,” said Timotius Samanuli, Director of EMOS in a virtual statement to reporters, Thursday (17/3) .

“By running our EMOS distribution platform in the world’s leading cloud, we are able to enjoy the benefits of agility and scalability that enable us to increase the availability of healthcare products, and advance people’s health. What’s more, with AWS, we can also provide a faster transaction experience and seamless for our customers,” he continued.

Gunawan Susanto, Country Manager at AWS Indonesia added that Enseval collaborated with AWS to carry out its vision, which is to become the number one health service distributor in Indonesia.

“Thanks to AWS capabilities, Enseval’s EMOS platform can innovate and scale its e-commerce services when needed. As a result, healthcare products arrive faster, and customer service continues to be improved,” said Gunawan. (N-1)