Eating Durian While Seeing the Exotic Palabuhanratu Bay? Here it is


Want to enjoy the sensation of eating durian while enjoying the beauty of Palabuhanratu Bay in Sukabumi Regency, West Java from a height? This place might be suitable for a traveler.

In this place a traveler can hang out for a long time while enjoying the stretch of Palabuhanratu bay. Treat sunrise peek behind the hill in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon can be seen directly from the same spot location.

The name of the location is Durian Sagara Hill. The location is in Sukamaju Village, Cikakak District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Previously, this place was just an ordinary durian plantation, many residents came just to buy durian in this place.

“Bukit Durian Sagara has two core businesses, the first is durian plantations and the second is nature tourism. For example, the evidence for durian sagara itself was originally from the owner’s hobby, namely my parents who love durian but it is difficult to get good quality durian, especially in Sukabumi and Bogor,” said Karina Larasati, daughter of the owner of Bukit Durian Sagara, to detikcom, Saturday (12/2/2022).

Karina’s parents then tried to plant durian in that place, from the beginning there were only tens of trees, now there are thousands of durian trees of various types.

Durian Sagara Hill, Sukabumi has a charming view, directly to Pelabuhanratu Bay. Photo: Syahdan Alamsyah/detikcom

“So, from trying to plant from tens of trees to hundreds and now thousands. Continuing to nature tourism, concepts and ideas from residents who come to buy durian, we have a private villa that the owner usually visits to rest. One time a durian buyer took selfies in front of our villa. From there, he started sharing on IG and FB social media, and it turned out to be shared again so that it went viral,” Karina said.

The position of the durian plantation which faces directly to Palabuhanratu Bay is considered suitable as a creative tourist location by netizens. Taking advantage of the viral moment, the durian buyer’s idea was realized by the durian plantation owner.

“Maybe because it is also supported by a view that you can see for yourself like this, seeing the hills and then the ocean, seeing sunrise from behind the mountain and view to Palabuhanratu bay to see the sunset,” said Karina.

The natural tourist location was officially opened to the public on November 13, 2021 ago. Visitors continue to arrive, the local economy starts to lift, place names are in the spotlight because more and more visitors are coming to travel.

“Soared on the New Year’s holiday yesterday, it could reach 2 thousand visitors. At this time the average is 500-600 visitors. Of course our procedures are strict, we prioritize, we have to wear masks, we provide a place to wash our hands, we remind you about keeping your distance, we install them too care to protect on the front,” said Karina.

Durian Sagara Hill, Sukabumi has a charming view, directly to Pelabuhanratu Bay.Durian Sagara Hill, Sukabumi has a charming view, directly to Pelabuhanratu Bay. Photo: Syahdan Alamsyah/detikcom

A number of durian-themed dishes can also be enjoyed at this location, apart from of course durian which ripens according to the time of fruiting that is adjusted by the owner.

“There are various types of durian, maybe you can taste it here directly. Usually there are also visitors who order a type of durian before visiting this location, then enjoy it while looking at it. view Palabuhanratu Bay from a height,” he said.

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