Eaten For 20 Years, This Man Just Knows His Favorite Biscuits Are Dog Food


After eating it for decades, this man just realized that his favorite biscuit was dog food. This discovery made his story go viral on the internet.

Starting from a small habit, a delivery person always snacked on the same snacks for 20 years. But he just realized that the snack was not for humans, but for dogs.

Reporting from Popcrush (30/03), this story was shared by the princess through the online forum Reddit. Anonymously, the daughter recounted her father’s habit of always snacking on biscuits, whenever he refueled the van to deliver goods.

For more than 20 years, his father always ate the same biscuits. Until he found out the truth about the biscuit.

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“So my father talked about the rising price of gasoline. Until he finally told me about his habit of buying the same biscuits at the convenience store at the gas station. He had been eating there for 20 years to buy biscuits. He said it was his favorite food, and the biscuits are only available there,” explained the princess.

Biscuits for Dogs. Photo: iStock/detikfood

His daughter explained that a few days after talking about her favorite biscuit, the father came home with a few packets of biscuits. He wanted the princess to try his favorite snack for decades.

“He bought several packets of biscuits because he wanted to show how good they tasted. But when I saw the packaging, I burst out laughing. Because on the packaging it was clearly written that the biscuits were treats for dogs!” obviously his daughter

It was his daughter who first conveyed this news to his father.

“For more than 20 years, it turns out that my dad has been eating treats for dogs! I really can’t believe it, but I’ve been laughing at this for hours,” he continued.

“Of course my father didn’t believe it. Until I asked him whether he would still buy these biscuits and eat them or stop. He couldn’t decide yet,” she said.

A week later, the father returned to refill gas at the same place. He also still bought the biscuits, but the father sent a text message to his daughter, that he felt the biscuits were not good because he knew the biscuits were for dogs.

This story is not the first time, which discusses people eating dog food. Previously there was Mitch Felderhoff, an American dog food entrepreneur, who admitted that he would eat his homemade dog food for a whole month.

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