Easy Ways to Check Your Own Smartfren Number

ARE you a Smartfren user? Or maybe people around you use Smartfren? Smartfren is one of the operators of communication service providers that has become the choice of many people. The main reason, of course, is the very affordable price of Smartfren internet packages.

The Smartfren SIM card number is important to know because it is needed for various purposes. For example, buying credit, internet packages, or even complete administrative requirements.

Well, for those of you who often forget your Smartfren number, don’t panic because there are lots of ways to check it. Want to know how? Here’s the review.

1. By pressing the Dial Code

• In the call menu, press *995#, then select YES/CALL.
• After that, a notification will appear on the screen. Select the menu or number that shows the word INFO, then YES/CALL.
• After that you will get a screenshot of the number along with the amount of credit you have.

2. By Sending SMS

• Open the Messages icon or Message service option.
• Type INFO in the body of the message.
• Send a message to 995.
• You will receive an SMS reply in the form of your Smartfren number.

3. By Using the MySF Application

• Open the MySF application that you downloaded earlier, then enter the main menu to register and get your own account. Before that, make sure your Smartfren internet package is still there, so that the process runs smoothly.
• You enter the data according to the online form provided, then click register.
• Activate the account via the email that you previously registered, follow the instructions again to completion.
• Registration with Smartfren card will be considered successful if you receive a notification that your account can be used.
• Then you can check your Smartfren number easily.

4. By way of operator

Apart from going through the three previous methods, you can also find out your Smartfren number through operator service, aka customer service. However, because the phone number is confidential, usually you will be asked to provide some supporting information such as an ID card to prove that you really are the owner of the number.

Not infrequently, you will be faced with several other questions. Now, to find out the Smartfren number via operator service, you can call 995 or 500.

5. By Using the WhatsApp Application

• Open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone.
• Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
• Select the Settings menu or Settings. Then select the profile that has your photo there.
• If you have, you can see the Smartfren number you are using.

Those are the ways to check your Smartfren number easily and quickly. This is especially for those of you who often forget your Smartfren number, hopefully these methods can help you. (OL-14)

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