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Easy, Here’s How to Create NFT

The NON-Fungible Token or NFT suddenly went viral thanks to Ghozali who made billions of dollars just by taking selfies.

Many people flocked to sell photos on the NFT. It would be nice for you to know how to make the right NFT in order to make money.

How to Create NFT

Some of the steps you have to do to make NFT include:

1. Hover over the profile icon. The first step you should do when creating NFT is hover over the profile icon until a menu appears, then type NFT.

2. Upload assets. Next, the page for creating NFT will appear. Upload your assets. Follow all the requirements.
Enter the NFT title.

3. Next enter the title of the NFT and the number or serial you want to create. The minimum amount is 1 and the maximum is 50 per upload.

4. Enter a description of the NFT. After entering the title, enter a description of your NFT in the field provided. There are two columns, namely Indonesian and English.

6. Click submit. When all the fields have been filled in, a confirmation page will appear. Make sure all the details are correct then click “Submit
Wait for the upload process.

7. Wait a while while the asset is being uploaded. If it is finished then your assets will appear in your profile then click the “Create NFT” page

Upload NFT. The last way to upload NFT click “Upload to Blockchain”. Make sure you already have a sufficient amount of BNB as a gas fee. Follow all the paths correctly and your NFT is ready.

How to Create a TokoMall Account

One of the marketplaces to sell NFT is TokoMall. Make sure you already have an account so you can sell or buy NFT.

* Click the “Users” menu. The first step to create an account is to select and click the “user” menu on the navigation and login page. Then connect to a digital wallet.

* Connect with digital wallet. If it is connected, a page will appear with the choice of roll and select it as a collector.

* Fill in the profile and register. The next step is to fill out a complete profile and then register.

* Confirm. When all processes have been carried out, the user will return to the initial profile page when he has successfully filled out the previous profile form.

After applying the method for making NFT and choosing a marketplace, NFT cannot be cashed out immediately. If you want to buy or sell it, you need a digital wallet like Gopay and the like.

But in NFT you will use Cryptocurrency. And what is commonly used is Ethereum or abbreviated as ETH. In NFT there is a minting process which is the conversion of digital objects into crypto tokens. This token will then be stored in the blockchain.

Simply minting in the process of making physical money. Every NFT must be minted in order to earn royalties.

Mining Process As Collector

There are several processes mint as a collector that must be done, namely:

* Click upload profile menu
* Merchants are asked to create a new contact address
* When the contact address has been completed, fill in the information about the NFT you want to request
* Re-check the minting process that has been done, then click the disclaimer column when it’s finished
* A notification will appear after the minting process is complete
* NFT will be processed for later upload in the system and when successful then uploaded in Blockchain
* Wait for the minting process to finish
* NFT will appear on the creation tab

NFT recently went viral thanks to Ghozali who managed to make money by uploading his selfies every day. If you are interested in uploading photos or videos on NFT, you should understand how to create NFT thoroughly. Starting from creating a marketplace account, digital wallet to the minting process. (RO/OL-09)