Duckie Land Offers Blockchain-Based Metaverse Game

DUCKIE Land is a metaverse game that invites users to collect duck characters so they can do many things such as planting, crafting, cooking, and even fighting. In the end they were able to sell the virtual ducks for real money so it’s no surprise that this game has the potential to bring in some ridiculous profits.

This promise is made by the blockchain-based metaverse game, Duckie Land, which can be played on all available platforms, namely PC, Android, and iOS. VR device owners can also enjoy the metaverse world in three dimensions to get around and interact with other players.

“Duckie Land is a play to earn game that will give a new feel to the gaming and blockchain industry. We have a vision as a bridge between the two worlds, thereby creating many job opportunities for the wider community,” said Duckie Land CEO, Febrian Pottanobu.

Duckie Land players are invited to collect a variety of duck characters, at the same time also collect the resources needed to improve the duck’s abilities, breed or create valuable items that can be used during the game or sold directly for additional income. Ducks collected can be prepared to carry out missions in the form of battles with enemies or fellow players.

As a metaverse game, users can own land just like in real life where they can be managed at will. There, they can grow crops, mine, make goods, build and enjoy the harvest. Not only that, players can take advantage of the land in this metaverse world to build a community for other Duckie Land players to discuss, transact, and create something.

Interestingly, each duck in this game is very special, that’s why they are treated as non-fungible tokens or NFTs that can be traded for cash. This is in line with the mission of the game developer to give players the opportunity to gain ownership of the assets in the game and allow them to increase their value by playing more often.

These digital assets can be resold as crypto currency or cryptocurrencies while the resources used in the game are part of the blockchain itself. Thus, Duckie Land dismissed the habit that had occurred so far, namely players who spent money to get items in the game but were not allowed to exchange them back for cash and were overshadowed by sanctions from the manager.

Through Duckie Land, successful missions will be rewarded with assets that can be exchanged for cash. Likewise ducks that can be resold in special markets and earn cash. The game developer is also working with the local marketplace to ensure the smoothest possible transition between the blockchain platform and cash so players can transact using tokens from the game.

To play Duckie Land, just visit duckie.land and get additional information and the chance to get special prizes at certain times. On the site there is information about information channels that can be used as references to get the latest notifications through social media, Youtube, Discord, and Telegram. (RO/OL-14)