Dubai’s New Adrenaline Challenging Attraction, 219.5 Meter Glass Slide!


Sky Views Dubai offers an adrenaline-pumping new all-glass attraction. Travelers will be challenged to slide from a height of 219.5 meters!

Launching the Daily Mail, Friday (28/1/2022) Sky Views Dubai built by real estate developer Emaar is located on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the Address View hotel, which is known for its twin towers. Tourists will walk on glass up through slides with pedestals and glass walls that are so challenging.

Sky Views Dubai Photo: (Emaar)

To get to the top, tourists first take a glass elevator with a panoramic view of the city of Dubai which is so enchanting. When stepping out, the number 219.5 meters on the wall is displayed as a reminder to tourists that they are at a height that is not kidding.

Up above, views of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai City Center, to Sheikh Zayed Road will welcome tourists. So beautiful, tourists can capture the moment by taking pictures.

The glass walkway is 46 meters long and connects the two towers. The glass slide or Sky Views Glass Slide is in the form of a corridor that is transparent on all sides. So, from a height, tourists can see a 360-degree view.

“Glass slides offer a safe and thrilling experience like no other in the world, as guests of all ages will have the opportunity to change their view of Dubai as they slide down, taking in unrivaled views of the city,” said Sky Views Dubai. .

“The Sky Views Glass Slide is the ideal family-friendly attraction, perfect for all ages,” he added.

Well, besides the glass slide or the Sky Views Glass Slide, there is also the Sky Views Edge Walk which is no less adrenaline-pumping. Here tourists will walk on a narrow balcony without windows or other protection. Can even hang above the height.

Relax, tourists will be equipped with seat belts and must also follow safety instructions first.


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