Dorsey Says He No Longer Wants To Be Twitter CEO

JACK Dorsey has stated that he does not want to return to being the leader of Twitter after recently rumors about it intensified amid the acquisition deal that was forged between Twitter and Elon Musk.

As the co-founder of Twitter and a close colleague of Musk’s, it’s no wonder the rumors of Dorsey’s return as Twitter’s CEO are getting stronger.

“No, I will never be CEO (Twitter) again,” Dorsey tweeted in response to the prediction of a netizen who called himself CEO again on Twitter, quoted Thursday (12/5).

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Furthermore, Dorsey is currently holding a leadership position at a payment company called Block Inc.

Although reluctant to become CEO of Twitter again, Dorsey still has a 2.4% stake in Twitter.

Since Twitter accepted a $44 billion buyout offer from Musk on April 25, there has been little clarity about the company’s new leadership after the deal closed.

The history of Dorsey’s journey and Twitter is actually full of twists and turns. In 2008, he was briefly fired by the Twitter Board after two years of building the company.

However, he returned to being CEO in 2015, you could say Twitter is running smoothly.

Until 2020 a group of investors and several boards asked Dorsey to step back.

However, he ignored this and in 2021 Dorsey finally took the personal decision to resign and was replaced by Twitter’s then CTO Parag Agrawal.

Thus it seems that if the acquisition is complete, the CEO position will be filled by the buyer, namely Musk until he finally appoints the right person to fill the position. (Ant/OL-1)

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