Don’t die in Gunungkidul! Turns out it’s not an appeal, but the name of the village


Gunungkidul has a hamlet or village with a unique name, namely Janganmati. Travelers take it easy, it doesn’t mean that if you come here, you don’t die.

Do not die. At first glance hearing his name, a traveler will definitely wonder. Are the residents of this hamlet in Gunungkidul forbidden to die? Of course not.

Located 73 kilometers from the heart of Yogyakarta, access to the Janganmati hamlet in Gunungkidul is difficult. Bearing in mind, there is only a block cast road and it becomes the only access to Janganmati.

Arriving at Janganmati, a traveler will immediately be greeted by a quiet and quiet atmosphere. In addition, several people were seen walking down the block cast road. There were also some residents passing by on motorbikes.

Not only that, there is an interesting sight in Janganmati, namely the many wooden and bamboo poles whose ends are covered with plastic cookie containers.

The atmosphere in the Doomsday Hamlet, Jepitu Village, Kapanewon Girisubo, Gunungkidul Regency. Photo: Pradito Rida Pertana

It turned out that the contents of the container were internet signal catchers. There is also a TV antenna pole mounted on a tree.

The head of the Janganmati hamlet, Irna Widayanti, explained the history of the name of the hamlet. According to him, the name has been in use for a long time.

“So for history, (the name of Janganmati) personally, even though I’m in Dukuh here, I’m not very dominant,” said Irna when met at her home, Dot’s Hamlet, Sunday (16/1/2022).

However, Irna revealed that the elders had mentioned the naming of the Doomed to be related to the discovery of dead animals. So the name of the hamlet is not related to the number of people who died.

“As for the elders of the hamlet, why is it called the Don’t die hamlet because in ancient times, tens or maybe hundreds of years ago, in the fields east of this hamlet there was a dead deer (deer),” he said.

“Then the parents named this hamlet as the Don’t die. So it’s not from Menjangan,” he concluded.

The Janganmati hamlet is inhabited by 33 family heads (KK) and only consists of 2 Neighborhood Units (RT). Most of the residents of Janganmati work as farmers. Meanwhile, there are very few who work as employees or private employees.

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