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Disgusting! This Woman Finds Caterpillars While Eating Fried Chicken


Having fun eating fried chicken, this woman found the unexpected. A caterpillar was found falling from a chicken being eaten.

Several discoveries of animals and objects that should not be in food have gone viral. Things like this are certainly very disgusting and have an impact on appetite.

Not infrequently there are also insects that are cooked and cooked in the food. Insects and small animals such as lizards, cockroaches, caterpillars to maggots usually really interfere with appetite.

Even the incidence of contaminated food also occurs in foods served by well-known restaurants. Experienced a similar incident, this woman showed what she found in fried chicken that was being eaten.

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Eating fried chicken at a fast food restaurant, this woman found something unexpected. Photo: iStockphoto

Quoting Ary News (8/3), a woman claimed to find caterpillars that fell from her fried chicken. Enjoying fried chicken at one of the world’s famous fast food outlets, he really loved the incident.

The woman named Jody Bishop admitted that the incident happened when she was eating with her friend. Visiting a K*C outlet in Wales, England, the two realized this after putting their food down to drink.

After wanting to go back to eating his fried chicken, Jody just realized something was moving on the plate right from chicken fryhis. Jody and her friends were even more surprised when they realized that it was a caterpillar that moved.

Seeing caterpillars falling from his chicken, Jody immediately stopped eating and admitted that he felt disturbing physical symptoms. Instantly he immediately felt nauseous and vomited the food he had swallowed.

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Disgusting!  This Woman Finds Caterpillars While Eating Fried ChickenHe found a caterpillar that had fallen from the fried chicken through the slit of its bite. Photo: Ary News

“I even ran to the toilet and got sick of it. It’s really very unpleasant, even to say it. I actually can’t believe it happened either, but it makes me feel really bad after finding out I’ve eaten some of it.” fried chicken that,” said Jody.

Reporting the caterpillars he found to the workers at the outlet, Jody immediately received a refund for his food purchases. But Jody felt that there should be more action on her complaint.

“We did get our money back, but this is not what we deserve. There should be more responsibility than this, right?” said Jody.

Jody was really disappointed with the quality of the food served at the outlet. This is because the caterpillar can get into the fried chicken and fall from the gap between the bite marks. Jody hopes that the restaurant will be more careful and ensure that no more animals enter the food.

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