Disgusting! This Woman Buys Nasi Lemak Rp. 3,000 Gets Fish Poop Bonus


Tempted by rice fat cheap price, this woman is even irritated. The nasi lemak has fish excrement which makes it disgusting to eat it.

An unpleasant incident was experienced by a woman. He is Nora Syida who lives in Selangor, Malaysia. In his Facebook post, he recounts what happened when he bought nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak was bought by her husband at an outlet on the side of the road. One portion is priced at an affordable price, namely 1 Malaysian Ringgit or the equivalent of IDR 3,000.

However, he was surprised when he unwrapped the nasi lemak which was packaged using banana leaves. The reason is that in the nasi lemak mixture there is anchovies excrement.

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Buy nasi lemak with fish droppings Photo: Facebook

“I’m mumbling to myself, what wrong I got anchovies droppings. If you don’t give me chili, that’s okay, but it has anchovies droppings,” he said.

He bought two packs, and both had fish droppings. Quoted from mStar Online (08/06) Nora still ate the nasi lemak, but she got rid of the fish waste.

His upload on Facebook has gone viral and has received various responses from netizens. Many netizens were upset with the incident experienced by Nora.

“The habit of roadside food sellers does not pay attention to hygiene,” wrote a netizen.

“Please pay more attention to cleanliness, this is food eaten by many people,” wrote another netizen.

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Nasi lemak or fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, commonly found in Malaysia and considered as the national dish.  It is also a native dish in neighboring countries with significant Malay population.  Image shows nasi lemak with fried chicken, hard boiled egg, chili sauce, anchovies, sliced ​​cucumber, marinated fried prawn.  It is traditionally served with cut banana leaf spread or wrapped in it.Nasi lemak illustration Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/faidzzainal

Nora said that she didn’t mean to bring down the nasi lemak seller. With his upload, he wants others to be more careful when buying food outside.

“This is the first time my husband has bought nasi lemak at the shop. We won’t be buying it again there. The trauma is that there is fish droppings, even though the husband went to the shop at 08.00 in the morning,” said Nora.

Furthermore, Nora also told that her mother was also a seller of nasi lemak. He knows very well how his mother maintains the cleanliness and quality of the food sold.

“If my mother can maintain the quality of food, why can’t other food vendors? The seller should remember that we buy it use money,” he continued.

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