Disgusting! This Guest Finds Snake Skin in Hotel Bread Package


When buying food at a hotel, every guest certainly hopes to get good, quality, and clean food. But this guest got a disgusting snake skin instead. Hey!

Maintaining cleanliness should be done by every food seller, from the scale of food stalls, restaurants, to hotels though. Because this is closely related to the quality of food and the health of the buyers later.

If there is even the slightest contamination, it is not impossible, bad things happen. For example, a buyer gets hurt, has stomach pain, vomits, has diarrhea, or even experiences other fatal events after consuming food purchased from outside.

Finding dirty and unqualified food is always a hot topic of conversation. It recently happened in India where a hotel guest found a disgusting ‘bonus’ from bread which he bought at a hotel in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

quote Ary News (11/5), the bread buyers are Priya and her daughter. They ordered porotta bread and gravy sauce from a restaurant in the hotel called Shalimar. How surprised they were when they found out there was snake skin on the bread packaging.

A hotel guest in India found snake skin on a package of bread he bought. Photo: Ary News/Twitter @Tushar_KN

Tushar Kant Naik’s tweet (6/5) explained that the snake skin was found in a newspaper used to pack bread. Disappointed with her friend, Priya then reported this incident to the Nedumangad police station.

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The local police then directed them to a food safety official who checked the samples bread that porotta to the lab. To the media, Arshitha Basheer as one of Nedumangad’s food safety officers confirmed the poor hygiene conditions at the hotel.

“We immediately checked the hotel. The environmental conditions are bad,” said Basheer. Reportedly now the hotel is temporarily closed.

Disgusting!  This Guest Finds Snake Skin in Hotel Bread PackageThe viral story of the discovery of snake skin on the packaging of bread made by a hotel in India. Photo: Ary News/Twitter @Tushar_KN

Before finding snake skin on the packaging bread In this case, there is also the story of the food in the hotel that stole the public’s attention. This happened after a hotel guest accidentally cooked boiled crab in the electric kettle in the hotel room.

This incident occurred in a Japanese hotel (3/5). According to Sora News 24the hotel demanded compensation of 40,000 yen, or about Rp. 4.4 million to the guest.

They claimed to have suffered losses due to the fishy smell it caused. This fishy smell doesn’t even go away even though the room has been cleaned. As a result, the hotel cannot rent out this room to other guests.

Meanwhile, the hotel guests did not want to pay compensation. The reason is because this guest is not sure that there will be guests who rent hotel rooms continuously.

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