Diligently Trying Exotic Fruits, This Caucasian Falls In Love While Eating Breadfruit


Jakarta -Diligently tasting exotic fruits from various countries, these Caucasians immediately fell in love when tasting breadfruit for the first time. Here’s the comment.

Content tasting various exotic fruits from several countries has become one of the content themes of TikTok @salad.gold users. He likes to review the taste of unique fruits.

He has tried banana heart, langsat fruit, and durian which surprised him with its sharp aroma. Recently, the owner of the TikTok account @Salad.gold (05/03) tasted an exotic fruit called breadfruit or better known as breadfruit in Indonesia.

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“Today I will try breadfruit (breadfruit), he is still in the same family as dragon fruit. I have wanted to try breadfruit for a long time, finally I can try it for the first time,” he explained.

Initially the breadfruit was split into two parts, then he roasted some of the breadfruit in the oven until the outside turned brown and dries up.

“I baked it for 30 minutes, after it was cut and peeled it turned out to be similar to bread. I became more and more curious,” he continued. He then cut the breadfruit into thin strips and started eating it. He also adds a little olive oil to give the breadfruit flavor before baking it for another 20 minutes in the oven.

Diligently Trying Exotic Fruits, This Caucasian Falls In Love While Eating Breadfruit Photo: TikTok @salad.gold

“The final texture is similar to french fries, but the texture is quite soft. It tastes like bread, but is more dominant like the taste of potatoes. My mother tried it and she really liked it. It tastes really good and I think I can finish it all,” he concluded while continuing devour the roasted breadfruit.

Of course, many Indonesians have commented and advised the owner of the @salad.gold account to enjoy breadfruit in Indonesian style.

“Soak it first, Ma’am, use Garem. Then fry it, it’s really delicious,” commented @tul**.

“Breadfruit.. is that you? Your name is really cool in English, I say,” continued @vy**.

“Fried delicious bestie, don’t forget to give flour,” continued @an**.

“For what reason, I just tried boiled breadfruit with sweetened condensed milk, butter and cheese, like Jasuke’s snacks. It tastes really good, wow,” continued @mother**.

“In addition to being baked or fried crisply, breadfruit is also delicious, you know, sliced ​​thinly and then fried into chips. Breadfruit is the best,” concluded @ric**.

So far, this video for Caucasians tasting breadfruit for the first time has been watched 400 thousand times. Liked 26.7K times and got 2K comments.

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