Digitizing the Culinary Business, Indosterling Technomedia Collaborates with BCA

COLLABORATION is a positive thing that is now being done by a number of parties. To strengthen expansion into the culinary business, PT Indosterling Technomedia Tbk collaborated with PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) by digitizing culinary transactions through the Kawn application.

Director of Kawn, Yoas, said that this digital collaboration effort is a concrete form of the invitation from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to optimize business. Quoting from the official Kawn website, Monday (31/10), the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy noted that culinary is the largest contributor to the sub-sector of GDP from the creative economy.

Every year, said Yoas, an average of about 43% of the total GDP of the creative economy so that with great potential and proven resilient in various conditions, the culinary industry has very strong potential to develop. “One of the steps being pushed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to further advance the culinary industry is digitizing culinary products which are considered to be able to expand the scope of product marketing and provide added value for business actors. This collaboration is becoming a reality,” said Yoas in a written statement, Monday (31/10). ).

Yoas further explained that this collaboration will make it easier for cashiers to process transactions at BCA EDC. “The cashier only needs to input the purchase transaction through the cash register without having to re-enter the transaction nominal on the BCA EDC machine. In addition, transaction data on the EDC can automatically be captured by the cashier’s POS,” he said.

Yoas explained that Kawn is an online cashier application that is one of the technological innovation products in the culinary field under the auspices of PT Indosterling Technomedia. “The collaboration between Kawn and BCA will help with the processing of payment transactions using cards through the BCA EDC machine installed at outlets for culinary entrepreneurs,” he said.

Yoas said that as a subsidiary of PT Indosterling Technomedia Tbk, the online cashier application Kawn has a vision of creating the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, especially the food and beverage business sector. The form of the big data approach used by the Kawn online cashier application in the development of applications and features is when the decision-making process regarding the features that need to be developed is determined based on application user traffic data. For example, one of the features that users are quite interested in is the stock or inventory management feature.

The stock management feature allows F&B businesses to manage, move, and determine the expiration date of the stock of raw materials used to produce a product. “This feature holds a fairly vital function. Apart from dealing with raw material inventory, this feature also affects the amount of production costs and the determination of the selling price of the menu,” said Yoas. (OL-14)

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