Digital Village Supports Village Independence in the Technological Revolution

Advances in technology and information today have slowly changed the face of the world. This change will certainly change the direction of several aspects of life, especially in Indonesia, where social, economic, and educational aspects will adjust to these changes.

Nowadays, Indonesian people can no longer escape from internet-based communication activities and the rapid development of technology. In this case, the government seeks to build and develop infrastructure for all regions in Indonesia, including the 3T area.

However, these efforts will not run smoothly if all elements, including the community, do not contribute to the infrastructure development. Therefore, collaboration between the government and the community is needed in increasing the infrastructure development of an area so that an independent village can be realized.

These are the conclusions in the discussion webinar Chat with Legislators organized by the Directorate General of Information Applications, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Indonesian House of Representatives, with the theme “Making Villages Independent with Digitalisasu”, which was held in Jakarta, Monday (18/4).

Semuel A. Pangarepan, Director General of Informatics Applications at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, said that the presence of digital technology as part of social life emphasizes that we are currently in the era of accelerating digital transformation. The national digital literacy survey found last year found that, currently, the digital literacy index of the Indonesian people is still at 3.49 out of a scale of 5, which means that it is still in the medium category, not yet in the good category.

“Therefore, it is our collective duty to equip our society with digital literacy skills, so that they are always ready to oversee the acceleration of digital transformation nationally,” he said (18/4).

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Independent villages are developed villages that have the ability to improve the quality of village community welfare with social, economic and ecological resilience in a sustainable manner. Member of Commission 1 DPR RI Rizki Aulia Rahman Natakusumah said the use of digitalization is a good innovation in building independent villages

“One of the things we hope that the village can contribute to development is that the village can market the existing culture by utilizing technology, the virtual agenda shows that the technology development in Pandeglang Regency is quite fast, although there are still many that are quite constrained. The core that we must strengthen in this digitalization development is signal strengthening. Because there are still many brothers and sisters who have not enjoyed the use of this telecommunication access.” He said (14/4).

Then, the Head of the Department of Community Empowerment and Village Administration of Pandeglag Regency, Doni Hermawan, explained, regarding the Village Consultative Body (BPD), which is the body in charge of accommodating the aspirations of the community.

“BPD must try to explore and channel the aspirations of the people needed in the village, and what potential is good in village development. We hope that in this digital era, BPD colleagues can accelerate the advancement of technology through the development of digital villages,” he said.

Doni emphasized that the important factors that need to be considered and monitored by the BPD in village development include the use of natural resources and potential sectors in a productive, efficient and effective manner, development of infrastructure and development facilities, capacity building of human resources, and structuring and optimal use of development spatial planning. (RO/OL-7)

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