Digital Talent Becomes Key in Digital Transformation

The World Bank’s research results show that Indonesia needs 9 million digital talents in the 2015-2030 period. This means that in a year, Indonesia needs 600 thousand people.

With so many startups emerging, of course digital talent is needed to develop the company. In addition, a number of areas within the company certainly require digital talent. Call it marketing, business, analysis to the realm of industry 4.0.

Responding to this, Vice President of HC Workforce Solution and Enabler Telkomsel Harris Wijaya revealed that from a survey of 11 countries in 2019, Indonesia was in ninth place with only 0.2 percent, far below Singapore which was ranked first with almost 5 percent.

“Five years ago, we might not have thought about looking for some of the digital talents that exist today. For example, digital talent for big data specialists, fintech engineers and several other jobs. But now digital talent is needed,” Harris said in the Selular Congress Webinar, Thursday (31/3).

Harris admits that trends from the telecommunications sector will increasingly affect the increasingly diverse and growing need for digital talent.

“In the past, there were only short messages to voice calls and now Telkomsel has reached the needs of customers to watch movies, play games and work. In the future it will probably grow again,” he said.

Harris said, Telkomsel is also working with a number of parties to get qualified digital talent. For example, Telkomsel collaborates with Telkom University to provide the best digital talent.

Telkom University Vice Chancellor Rina Puji Astuti explained that various parties now require the provision of digital talent. Rina said that her party has also prepared a number of study programs to get the best graduates who are ready to become digital talents.

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“The curriculum at Telkom University is in accordance with the current digital talent needs, from Artificial intelligence (AI) to big data. It has even been based on the online law,” he explained.

However, the definition of digital talent is not only synonymous with young and new or fresh graduates but also the existence of human resources that still exist today. These existing talents must also be willing to change, able to adapt, learn new things and be part of the transformation ship that must be willing to change.

Director General of Information and Public Communication (IKP) of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Usman Kansong said changes that occurred in digital transformation must be passed together.

“Digital transformation is undoubtedly trust, involvement or involvement,” he said.

Usman emphasized that existing talents or new graduates must be prepared to face change by learning all the new things that are needed in the era of the digital ecosystem.

The same thing was said by the Head of Corporate Communications of Google Indonesia, Jason Tedjakusuma, who said that many people ended up being unemployed because they did not have digital skills.

“For this reason, Google is holding a Work With Google program that can update all digital developments for everyone,” he explained. (RO/OL-7)

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