Digital Literacy Prevents Internet Users from Being Entrapped in Fraudulent Investments in the Digital Realm

The rush of fraudulent investments in the digital space seems to have taken many victims. These victims not only lost millions of rupiah, but even hundreds of millions of rupiah. Therefore, the public must remain vigilant and understand every detail so as not to be deceived.

This became a topic of discussion in a webinar themed “Don’t Believe! Beware of Fraudulent Investments in the Digital Space”, Friday (9/9), in Makassar, South Sulawesi, organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia together with the National Movement for Digital Literacy (GNLD) Siberkreasi.

Deputy Chancellor 1 of Dipa Makassar University, Komang Aryasa, said that several types of digital investment were then followed up with things that should be considered before starting digital investments, including understanding the investment products that will be carried out and allocating investment funds as needed. Then, he also explained the characteristics of fraudulent investments in the digital space, one of which is the lack of transparency.

“The way to avoid fraudulent investments is to do research before investing. We need to understand the system, fund allocation, profit, and risk. Second, do not hesitate to ask colleagues who understand more. Third, look at the documents carefully, such as investment models, profiles, finances, and risks,” said Komang.

Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government as well as a Media Observer and Practitioner, Mudrikan Hidayat Nacong revealed the principle before starting an investment, namely the 3Ps consisting of Understand, Own, and Monitor. The point is to understand your needs and goals in starting an investment, have verification, and monitor current performance and conditions.

“For checking or reporting accounts, it can be done through,, and OJK.” said Mudrikan.

CEO of PT. Lunaji Petrozka and East Jakarta ICT Volunteer, R. Panji Elfani Oetomo explained the difference between investing, trading, and gambling.

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Investment is a long-term activity and everything can be calculated and analyzed, trading is a short-term and speculative activity by analyzing market movements, while gambling is a short-term and unpredictable activity.

Not only that, Panji also provided a number of contacts who can be contacted for complaints related to investment in the digital space, one of which is the Instagram account @posko_robotrad_binary_option_dittipideksus.

“This complaint is made when friends have been affected, not to get them back. Because I have never heard of investors getting their money back, so we must remain vigilant,” he said.

With the presence of the National Digital Literacy Movement program by the Ministry of Communication and Information, it is hoped that it can encourage people to use the internet intelligently, positively, creatively, and productively.

This activity is specifically aimed at communities in the Sulawesi region and its surroundings, which not only aim to create Smart Communities, but also help prepare human resources that are superior in using the internet in a positive, critical, and creative way in the industrial era 4.0.

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information together with GNLD Siberkreasi also continues to run the Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital program through digital literacy activities that are tailored to the needs of the community. (RO/OL-7)

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