Digital Ecosystem Needs to be Supported by Data Security and Internet Quality

PANDEMI drives the acceleration of digital transformation. This condition also increases public interaction in the digital world which of course demands the creation of a conducive and safe digital ecosystem, especially regarding personal data that is private or confidential.

Personal data is any information regarding an individual’s identity including full name, email address, identity card number, localization data, IP address, medical history, and so on. Therefore, it is very important to protect personal data because it is directly related to human rights ranging from the right to objection, rights related to automated decisions, as well as the right to access, delete, limit, collect, correct, and transfer personal data.

“Maintaining the security of personal data in the internet era is increasingly becoming an important requirement in the midst of rampant cyber attacks,” said Purjono Agus Suhendro, a technology business observer from Techno Business Indonesia, Friday (17/6). The existence of personal data, he added, including consumer data is very valuable for companies. With this data, companies can map their performance and market characteristics. Because of this, enterprise data, including consumer-related data, becomes very useful and expensive.

“In the digital era like now, the use of big data is no longer an option, but a necessity for all companies. Big data is the heart of companies in working on the market. Without big data, mapping of consumer characteristics will be inaccurate and in the end the company will lose in the competition,” he said. .

Purjono noted that apart from being very valuable and expensive, company data is highly confidential. Therefore, on the one hand, consumer data is very useful for the company, on the other hand, the company must also protect the consumer data it manages. “The more privacy the data, the more obliged to be protected or kept secret,” he said.

Moreover, cybercriminals are now increasingly sophisticated to continue to look for loopholes in order to steal company data, including consumer property. “The issue of data security justifies the statement that the perpetrator is always smarter (than the victim),” he said.

University of Indonesia (UI) public policy observer Riant Nugroho said the telecommunications industry could start by declaring data protection to ensure customer security. This is so that user data cannot be accessed by other parties without permission.

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The second step, Riant proposed that telecommunications companies encourage digital industry players to issue a similar clause. “I encourage the telecommunications industry to be the leading actor to protect client data,” said Riant.

On the other hand, Riant encourages telecommunication companies to strengthen the quality of internet services to support the huge potential of the digital economy in the country. Service quality is unavoidable at this time and a necessity. (RO/OL-14)

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