Diet Snack to 1 Meter Pizza, Popular Search on Google Indonesia During 2021


Google Indonesia released Year in Search 2021 which contains a list of popular searches in Indonesia throughout 2021. From the food and beverage category, Indonesians are increasingly eager to find healthy products!

Analysis of search results in Google (Google Search) can describe trends to consumer behavior in Indonesia. During 2021, which is still the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesians are increasingly looking for healthy food and drink products.

This is illustrated by the report Year in Search 2021 Google Indonesia received by detikfood through the official release (23/2/2022). It can be seen that there are several popular search terms that show Indonesian people’s interest in healthy eating patterns, both when eating at home and out.

Here are the most popular search terms for 2021 on Google Indonesia related to food and beverages:

1. Low-fat foods

Searches for “low fat food” increased by 69%. This search is also accompanied by related searches such as “high-calorie low-fat foods”, “low-calorie foods”, “low-fat diets”, “lean meats”, to “low-fat fish.”

2. Diet sugar

Apparently more and more Indonesians are realizing the importance of reducing sugar consumption. This is related to health risks that lurk such as obesity to diabetes. Searches for “diet sugar” were up about 35%.

3. Low sugar

Many Indonesians will also search for “low sugar” for food and beverages during 2021. Photo: thinkstock

Still related to sugar, Indonesians are also looking for information about “low sugar”. This word search is popular with a 26% increase. Related searches included “causes for low sugar levels”, “how to deal with low sugar”, and “low blood sugar what to eat.”

4. Low calories

It is important to pay attention to calorie intake when someone is trying to lose weight. “Low calories” will also become a popular search on Google Indonesia during 2021 with a 25% increase.

5. Diet snacks

Google Indonesia reports that during 2021 consumers are increasingly interested in maintaining weight. This is reflected in the 33% growth in search interest for “diet snacks”.

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