Develop Robotic Ecosystem, Thrive Collaborates with South Korean Company Hills Robotic

DEVELOPMENTS in technology have changed the way people live in various aspects. Moreover, with the industrial revolution 4.0, where the industrial world and human work have undergone many changes.

One of them is that many jobs have been replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. Even robots and artificial intelligence have penetrated into various fields of life, ranging from health, transportation, defense, education, manufacturing industry and many more.

This is the rationale for Thrive to create new opportunities that will provide innovative convenience for business people in order to facilitate business processes and meet efficient targets. T

Related to this, Thrive collaborated with Hills Robotic Co., Ltd, a technology company from South Korea. The collaboration was confirmed through the signing of a collaboration by Thrive CEO Eddy Yansen as Thrive CEO and CEO of Hills Robotic Austin Park in South Korea.

“The collaboration with Hill Robotic is a golden opportunity for Thrive to continue to grow and create new breakthroughs in the Indonesian business world,” said Eddy Yansen.

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Eddy asserted, robotic technology, can not be denied has advantages in accuracy and skills for the production of a product. Robotic technology can also be used as an investment tool that is not only profitable for now but in the future the price of robotics will continue to skyrocket.

“Investing in production equipment with robotic technology is a wise step, business competition that is getting difficult to control sometimes makes business actors think of ways to continue to innovate so they are not forgotten and left behind, and the provision of robotic technology can be the right first step.” he said,

Thrive makes strategic collaborations to provide innovative digital solutions for every business person to realize an efficient production process. No longer only offering solutions in the form of software, applications, and digital marketing consulting services, Thrive is ready to face new challenges in the evolving robotic technology.

“Being the only company that provides Robotics in various business fields in Indonesia is a new goal for Thrive, and Thrive invites every businessman not to hesitate to invest in Robotic production equipment to meet business needs and competition in the future,” concluded Eddy. (RO/OL-7)

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