Develop NFT Ecosystem, TokoMall Launches Collectibles Feature

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace platform, TokoMall launched a new feature, namely “Collectibles” which can be used by creators and collectors in collecting NFT, both from TokoMall and from other partners built on the BNB Chain platform.

Head of TokoMall Thelvia Vennieta said the new feature has great potential that must be balanced with proper education for people who are interested in NFT as creators or collectors.

“We hope that with the presence of the Collectibles feature, TokoMall can accommodate and encourage creators to continue to develop products that are not limited to collections, but have clear utility and added value for potential collectors,” said Thelvia Vennieta in her statement.

Collectible items in NFT are simply similar to collectibles in the real world. However, the difference is that in NFT, its uniqueness and rarity can be ascertained because it is listed in the blockchain.

Some examples of NFT Collectibles projects include Top Shots NBA, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Karafuru, and others.

Thelvia explained, there are several things that need to be considered so that the collectibles project can run well, such as creating a clear and executable roadmap, marketing and community involvement, artwork and stories drawn from the collection, and choosing the right blockchain and marketplace.

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Another thing to note is the utility offered by the collectibles project. For example, like AZNVerse, the collectibles project from Tokocrypto and the community carries a trading discount utility for holders.

Through the Collectibles feature, users can explore and own the best, rare and unique NFT projects from all blockchain technology ecosystems only in TokoMall, such as Pancake Squad, ONDE NFT, Gator Gang and many more.

One of the NFT Collectibles projects that has been launched by Tokocrypto with the community is AZNVerse. AZNVerse is an NFT Collectibles project initiated by Tokocrypto which in its development is collaborating with TKO Angels as part of the Tokocrypto community.

The Collectibles feature can be accessed by clicking the tab on the TokoMall website. In this feature, users can find a series of collectibles projects either from Tokocrypto or other projects from integrated partners such as Pancake Squad, Onde NFT, Gator Gang, Sea Spirit, and others.

Collectors can resell their NFT by choosing to use TKO & BNB as a medium of exchange to have the collection on offer. If choosing to offer at TKO, the collector must buy at TKO. If they choose BNB, collectors must also exchange it for BNB.

The new feature is expected to make it easier for collectors who want to explore TokoMall to navigate and become an added value for partners who work together. Currently, TokoMall by Tokocrypto has more than 14,000 collectors, more than 100 official partners, and 15,000 NFT art. (Ant/OL-7)

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