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Develop a Blockchain-Based Game Ecosystem, Avarik Saga Collaborates with TokoVerse

Avarik Saga blockchain-based metaverse GIM, collaborates with the integrated blockchain system, namely TokoVerse, developed by Tokocrypto. Currently, Avarik Saga is an Ethereum network-based P2E (Play-to-Earn) role-playing game that is recording the fastest growth in Indonesia.

Both Tokocrypto and Avarik Saga strive to achieve the same mission, namely mass adoption of crypto and reaching as many levels of society as possible to get involved in this digital revolution through community-based activities.

The collaboration of the two not only opens up more access for Indonesians who want to enjoy the benefits of crypto and NFT, but also enables Avarik Saga to attract a larger community of gamers.

At the same time, Tokocrypto’s move to enter the GameFi sector facilitates the company’s plans to educate the general public on how to take advantage of the financial opportunities offered through blockchain games.

GameFi itself is a combination of traditional games, NFT, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thanks to the sophistication of blockchain, games are no longer just a source of entertainment, but also a way to earn extra income. This is what makes the GameFi concept as presented by Avarik Saga develop beyond expectations in recent years.

“We believe that the collaboration with Tokocrypto will allow Avarik Saga to reach the largest crypto community in Indonesia. Together, we want to move to educate the Indonesian gaming market about the potential offered by crypto and invite anyone to participate and take advantage of it,” said Kevin Cahya, CEO of Avarik Saga in a statement.

Avarik Saga is the first game to receive development support from the complete blockchain ecosystem in TokoVerse.

“The blockchain industry is arguably a very young industry. We need to collaborate as much as possible with various parties. Avarik Saga, for example, is still a Play to Earn game right now, but the potential for its development is huge in the future. Therefore, it is very important for TokoVerse to continue to be there to encourage and support blockchain industry pioneers like Avarik Saga, as we believe others will follow in their footsteps with more unexpected innovations,” said Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto.

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Avarik Saga was first developed when crypto growth was booming globally and was massively adopted in the gaming world. Inspired by the popularity of Axie Infinity, the development team of Avarik Saga looked at how the game could help low- and middle-income earners earn extra income.

Kevin Cahya and his team are also motivated to do the same in Indonesia, considering that this country has lower middle income and has up to 111 million gamers.

“We want to develop an interesting game for all levels of society so that they can invest while exploring the digital world. We believe GameFi is a massive disruption to the traditional gaming scene and anyone can explore the potential benefits of the games we create,” added Kevin.

The concept of Avarik Saga is inspired by the Japanese RPG (role-playing games) genre which combines a modern gaming experience with the metaverse world and blockchain technology. To start getting into it and playing, a player needs to first have 3 NFT Avarik Saga characters.

The characters can be obtained by exchanging Ethereum assets for NFT ‘Avari Saga Universe’ on the OpenSea platform. Therefore, players need to have at least a little knowledge of the NFT marketplace platform and crypto assets.

Since launching in September 2021, Avarik Saga has released its first NFT character collection consisting of 8,888 NFT genesis and sold out in less than an hour. Currently, this genesis collection is available for trading on the NFT OpenSea trading platform. NFT owners and future players can look forward to the game’s official launch in the third quarter of 2022.

The Avarik Saga team believes that in the future, in the Web3 landscape, there will be more quality games and blockchain-based GameFi. This can be seen from the AAA standard game studios (the highest in the industry) that are starting to enter the P2E game market.

In addition, there will be more tech players in the gaming industry who strive to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience on the Web3, so that everyone can enjoy it. (RO/OL-7)