Delicious! The Legendary Hamsir Buffalo Tongue Satay in Riau


Typical in the tongue and legendary, that’s the right word when tasting the tongue and heart satay at the Hamsir stall, Kampar. The buffalo meat satay has been the target of the community for decades.

Warung Sate Hamsir has served 2 satay menus since 1978, namely meat satay and chicken satay. Especially for the meat satay, the 71-year-old man mixes things like other satay traders.

At the Sate Hamsir stall which is located at Rumbio Market, Kampar, Riau, satay is available, namely buffalo meat. The delicious taste of the meat, tender, fragrant, mixed with flour sauce and red chili sauce, becomes an attraction for culinary hunters.

“Buyers usually look for buffalo tongue and heart satay,” said Hamsir on the sidelines of serving buyers, Saturday (29/1/2022).

In addition to the two mainstay menus, Hamsir also serves intestine satay and buffalo meat. Buffalo meat is obtained from people in Bangkinang who like to raise buffalo.

Not a few, in a day Hamsir even able to spend 15-20 kg of buffalo meat. That number does not include the tongue, heart, intestines and chicken pieces.

Warung Sate Hamsir sells from 06.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB. For the price of buffalo meat satay, it is relatively cheap, which is Rp. 2,500. Meanwhile, chicken satay is priced at Rp. 1,000 per stick.

Hamsir buffalo tongue satay in Riau Photo: Raja Adil Siregar/detikcom

“We have been selling since 1978. Buyers are always busy, especially on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays,” he said accompanied by his wife, Nurila.

Hamsir said that many people from Pekanbaru and Bangkinang came to eat his concoction of satay. Even many buyers come from West Sumatra.

“Many people from Padang also stop by if they want to go to Pekanbaru. So if the buyers have come from everywhere, there are also governors and regents eating in this hut,” he said.

At the Sate Hamsir stall, visitors will be treated to satay which is also large in size. Served with ketupat mixed with flour satay sauce to add a savory taste.

As a complement, Hamsir gave a lot of fried onions which were specially served in 1 separate plate. The aroma of fried onions also adds to the taste when eating satay.

To serve buyers, Hamsir invites his children and nephews to work. Because, he also often receives many orders from outside the city when there is a celebration.

“Tomorrow there is an order in Pekanbaru for Rp. 10 million. So there are 8 people working divided by 2 only. Some serve here and serve orders from party people,” said Hamsir while controlling the embers of the satay burning.

Abdullah Sani, a Sate Hamsir connoisseur who was met at the location admitted that he had come from Pekanbaru City to eat buffalo meat satay. Sani came with his co-workers during the holidays.

“The satay here is very distinctive in taste. Even though it is buffalo meat, the meat is also soft, matches the seasoning,” said Sani after eating the meat satay.

Kedai Sate Hamsir itself does not have branches in other areas. The location is only on Jalan Sialang Rumbio and not far from Pasar Rumbio.

From the capital city of Riau Province, Pekanbaru City, the distance is 50 kilometers or about 1 hour 15 minutes on the way. Passing the Riau-West Sumatra national cross route on the right side of the highway.

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