Delicious Homemade Cuisine for Suhoor and Iftar


Not felt, soon Muslims will welcome the holy month of Ramadan. Various preparations starting from the stock of materials home food and tips for running a smooth fast need to be considered.

Day by day, the month of Ramadan that Muslims have been waiting for is getting closer. Even in just a matter of days, the fasting of Ramadan will begin.

On Friday (1/4), the Ministry of Religion held an isbat meeting to set the date for the fall of 1 Ramadan 1443 Hijri. But there are some opinions that say that in reckoning 1 Ramadan 2022 will fall on Friday (1/4).

The closer Ramadan is, of course, must be balanced with more mature preparations. Starting from food ingredients to prepare for sahur and iftar, things you need to know to make fasting smooth, to tips and tricks that can be done to make fasting easier for those who don’t have much free time.

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Welcoming Ramadan, home cooking is the most missed. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Fevziie Ryman

One of the most crucial is the need for food, whether for sahur, iftar, or dinner. Holding back lust often actually makes many people feel more hungry when they see food.

Not a few are also confused about what menu to eat at dawn, iftar or at dinner. Actually there are lots of ideas that can be obtained to process simple, delicious and fast food menus to support fasting.

Home cooking become a dish that will always be suitable to be served at any time, especially when entering the month of Ramadan. The experience of fasting with family will always be the most enjoyable.

Not only for those who fast with family, home cooking can also be imitated by immigrants who are far from family. There are also many tips that can be applied to make fasting easier, especially for boarding children and busy workers in the midst of limited time and materials.

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Festive traditional Middle Eastern Muslim Halal food on the table.  Celebration of Eid al-Adha, Feast of SacrificeIn this review, detikfood will discuss all kinds of home cooking and tips that are suitable for the month of Ramadan. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Fevziie Ryman

In this detikfood review, everything about home cooking will be discussed thoroughly, including various tips that can be applied to welcome Ramadan. Starting from breakfast menu ideas to breaking fast, processed various practical food ingredients, to tips on making simple and easy food creations for those who don’t have much free time.

Home cooking ideas that can be obtained will also be easy to imitate and make yourself at home. This method is suitable for those of you who have to fast separately from your family without forgetting the sensation home cooking mother made.

Many recipes can also be followed to serve a sweet and refreshing iftar menu to eat with the family. Starting from fried foods, sweet porridge to various fresh drinks, you can copy the recipe and serve it at the dining table while waiting for the Maghrib call to prayer to sound.

This review is guaranteed to provide interesting, informative and also needed information. Make sure you don’t miss interesting articles and keep an eye on detikfood!

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