Dear Bonge Cs, Don’t Dare to Play at Sudirman


Bonge Cs made the Sudirman area a bustling area. Don’t just play there, let’s go around tourist destinations in which are also near train or MRT stations.

It’s still warm to discuss the Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon that enlivens the Sudirman area. Dozens of young people who are now called Bonge Cs gathered in the Sudirman area.

So for Bonge Cs, don’t just play in Sudirman. You can explore many interesting places in that are also pocket-friendly, you can explore with KRL and MRT. detikcom has summarized here, Thursday (14/7/2022) tourist attractions in that can be reached by KRL or MRT.

Kota Tua, Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/mtcurado

1. Kota Station

It’s no secret that Kota Tua has always been a favorite destination for families in for holidays. Here you can visit many museums, you know. To go to Kota Tua you can take the KRL and get off at Kota Station.

Not bad, hanging out while adding knowledge of history. The entrance fee to the museum is also affordable. There are Fatahillah Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Puppet Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, Maritime Museum and Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics.

Or those who want to hunt for photos can also go to Toko Merah, Glodok Chinatown and Kali Besar area. For snacks, there are also many food and beverage vendors around Kota Tua to fill your hungry stomach.

2. Block M . area

You can take the MRT to the Blok M area. Here you can hunt Japanese-style photos.

For snacks, the Blok M area has many coffee shops, sweet drinks and Japanese food too. However, those of you who have an Indonesian tongue can also enjoy a variety of culinary delights such as meatballs, penyetan, pecel and others.

There is also the M Bloc Space youth area that hits in South Jakarta. Besides hanging out, you can also hunt for photos here. Many instagramable corners that you can hunt.

Emergency PPKM is implemented from 3-20 July 2021 to suppress Corona cases in Indonesia.  Shopping centers and malls were also closed during the implementation of Emergency PPKMBlok M area Photo: Agung Pambudhy

3. Tour in GBK

You can also go to GBK by MRT, you just get off at Istora Mandiri Station. Many pocket-friendly fun places that can be visited.

Such as the GBK City Forest, Senayan Park, and sports around GBK. If you want to have more fun with hanging out, you can skate at the Moja Museum. The ticket price is IDR 110 thousand for 2.5 hours.

A number of residents are active in the GBK City Forest, Jakarta, Saturday (16/10/2021).  The GBK City Forest which was closed due to PPKM has now been reopened to residents.GBK City Forest (Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho)

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