Daikin Holds Air Conditioning Design Competition 2022

BEING in a tropical climate makes the existence of units air conditioning (AC) as air conditioner seems inseparable from housing in Indonesia.

In the choice, the type of AC split walll easily recognizable from the unit indoor attached to the wall by connecting to a unit outdoor is still the first choice.

This choice is not only dominated by residences with limited electrical power or first-time AC users.

Even residences with large dimensions and even more modern still choose this type of air conditioner.

This condition cannot be separated from the need for air conditioning in Indonesia which is still limited to its main function which is to cool the room.

However, as the name implies, air conditioning actually become part of a device that was created to form an ideal air system ecosystem for residential users.

Like an ecosystem that connects several parts in a circle, the variety of AC is actually very wide. Likewise, its function is not only concerned with cooling.

More than that, it is also designed to provide comfortable and quality air in the room by maintaining the humidity of the room and air filters and appearance by paying attention to aesthetic factors that can blend perfectly with the overall interior design of the room.

However, the existence of these various air conditioning solutions has not become part of the public’s attention.

No wonder if you often find it, the use of wall-mounted air conditioners is actually a nuisance to the overall design of the space.

Not only for residential owners, this disturbance is actually felt by architects or interior designers in designing the entire residence.

However, not all interior designers and architects are aware of the existence of air conditioning solutions that provide comfortable and healthy air without compromising design.

“The lack of knowledge has made AC which should be able to be present as a complete solution for air comfort while at the same time prioritizing the aesthetic elements of the entire space, has not been achieved,” said Ching Khim Huat, President Director of PT Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia, in a press statement, Friday (13/5). .

According to him, this is the basis for PT Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia to hold the 2022 Daikin Proshop Designer Award.

Registration is open from May 14 to June 30, 2022, this event is a competition for residential designs with the application of air conditioning solutions that pay attention to comfort as well as the overall aesthetics of the space.

Targeting participants from professional architects and interior designers, according to Ching Khim Huat, cannot be separated from Daikin’s efforts in encouraging the presence of a new culture in air conditioning for modern residences.

“Architects and interior designers as two professions that are very close to the creation of housing are important elements in spreading the culture of this new residential air conditioning solution,” said Ching Khim Huat again.

Through the Daikin Proshop Designer Award 2022 event, Ching Khim Huat hopes to increase the insight of architects and interior designers in Indonesia regarding a better air conditioning system with attention to the comfort of various features while promoting aesthetic factors.

Having a long reputation as a provider of air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial buildings with almost a century of experience in the world, Daikin itself is said to have a complete solution for this need.

Among them are units Fresh Air whose main function is to realize clean and healthy air circulation, up to VRV Home Series with air conditioning control design that provides many variants of indoor units so that they can support interior aesthetics.

“These various technologies are what we put forward in collaboration with the best works of the imagination of architects and interior designers in this competition,” said Selvi Ani Yongnata, Daikin Proshop Manager.

This is also, according to Selvi, the basis for the choice of the title Technology for Your Imagination for this competition.

Daikin’s commitment to its main goal of increasing insight for the two professions in the residential sector is evident in the seriousness of this company in the Daikin Proshop Designer Award 2022 event.

Making it a prestigious event, the Jakarta Architects Association (IAI) and the DKI Jakarta Indonesian Interior Designers Association (HDII), which are known as big names for these two related professions, were appointed to be part of the jury panel.

On the other hand, Daikin also cooperates with various media that focus on the development of residential design and a community of architectural activists and interior designers. These include Archify, Casa Indonesia, Archinesia and Asrinesia.

Daikin’s collaboration with the media, one of which is in the readiness to publish various winning works in the 2022 Daikin Proshop Designer Award.

The publication of this work completes the prize in the form of cash worth a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Still with the same goal, Daikin also made this competition more open. Not only for works that have been completed, but also for competing works through conceptual design competitions.

“Along with the big goal of holding it. Apart from being a form of appreciation, it also presents a new trend of housing with modern air systems that pays attention to comfort and aesthetics,” said Selvi Ani Yongnata.

To make the competition for conceptual designs even more attractive, Daikin collaborated with residential developers, Bumi Parama Wisesa and Magran Living, which are well-known companies that provide premium furniture and sanitation.

For architectural activists and interior designers who want to participate, simply visit the dedicated Daikin Indonesia official website www.daikin.co.id/DaikinDesignerAward. (RO/OL-09)

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