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Curug Sodong, The Beautiful Twins at Geopark Ciletuh


Geopark Ciletuh has a natural charm that is so enchanting. Inside there are beautiful twin waterfalls, the name is Curug Sodong.

Curug Sodong is located in the Ciletuh Geopark Complex, Ciemas, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Geopark Ciletuh itself has many natural tourist destinations such as beaches, hills and of course waterfalls.

Two Twin Streams at Curug Sodong, Ciletuh Geopark, Sukabumi, West Java Photo: Lee Anthony detikTravel

Ciletuh Geopark has become a UNESCO world heritage site in 2015. There are eight sub-districts in it.

Having many destinations, it takes good stamina to explore them. Because almost every place requires trekking. Well, one of the interesting destinations is Curug Sodong which has a very heavy flow of water.

Uniquely, Curug Sodong has two streams so that people often refer to it as a twin waterfall. Its height reaches 20 m and can be seen from a distance. The water flows through the green trees.

Citing CNN Indonesia, the location of Curug Sodong is between Bukit Panenjoan and Curug Cimarinjung. Panenjoan Hill is an ideal location for viewing the natural amphitheater in Ciletuh Bay, while the Ciamarinjung waterfall is often used as a wall climbing area.

Curug Sodong and Curug Cimarinjung have their respective advantages, but for tourists who want to feel the sensation of staying near a waterfall, they should spend the night at Curug Sodong by building a tent. No need to worry for the safety and security of the traveler, there is an area to build a tent around the waterfall.

The sound of water spills to the sound of crickets will accompany the night traveler. If the sky is clear, the beautiful stars will also be seen.

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