Crypto Luna Prices Drop, Forex Trading Can Be an Choice

Recently, it has become a hot topic of discussion among the wider community regarding the collapse of the crypto market and the most exciting thing is the 99.9% Luna crypto price plunge to the lowest point of IDR 0.5 per coin, aka less than one rupiah.

The reason is that in the midst of global uncertainty, many investors who invest their assets in Luna withdraw their money when the price of the currency begins to fall.

As a result, the price of Luna dropped even more and ended up being frozen in trading in Indonesia blockchain.

More and more victims fell. Luna’s investors, who panicked because they had lost money, started selling their cryptocurrencies at a loss.

In addition to the decline in Luna’s crypto asset, the decline was followed by other crypto assets.

“Crypto investors are now turning to forex trading which is considered lower risk when compared to investing in crypto,” said Didimax analyst Cenli Yani in a statement, Tuesday (24/5).

As the community’s economic situation recovers due to the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more cases of fraudulent investment have emerged in the public sphere, this should be an option for the community to choose investments wisely.

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Cenli said, Great investment liquid and profitable is forex trading“But it has to be done on the broker forex allowed,” he said.

One of the brokers forex which is safe and reliable, which is the only one that provides intense guidance education for free, namely Didimax.

The Didimax broker itself is a brokerage company with official legality which is directly supervised by CoFTRA and is a member of JFX and KBI.

“Customer funds are safe, because our every movement is directly monitored by the Futures and Commodity Trading Supervisory Agency or CoFTRA,” he explained.

“We are also members of the Indonesian futures clearing company. We have such a name segregated accounts,” he said.

Segregated accounts This is a separator account between customer funds and company operational funds. As much as 70% of customer funds in KBI, 30% of it is in segregated accountt,” said Cenli.

Not only about the company profile, to participate in this forex trading investment requires qualified knowledge so as not to become a victim of unscrupulous persons on behalf of trading.

The rise of investment in trading funds with profit sharing is due to the lack of public understanding about how to invest properly and correctly in the field of investment forex trading.

“We, Didimax, provide guidance education for free, intensely as well on line and offline. We teach how to minimize the risk of loss in forex trading to get consistent profits,” he explained.

“Forex trading is the safest transaction. Because we are the ones who transact our own capital, and we are the ones who make plans for our own business, how much profit do you want and what percentage of loss needs to be spent. Without the intervention of others, “said Cenli.

Only with knowledge can we escape from all forms of investment which at any time can become a bomb and even a boomerang for ourselves.

Headquartered in Bandung, Didimax has branch offices spread across six major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Pekanbaru.

Didimax offers futures trading services with varied instruments, such as:

1. Forex (Forex)

In general, forex (foreign exchange) is a transaction to exchange the currency of one country for another.

Forex trading is the activity of buying and selling foreign currencies with the aim of making a profit from the difference in the number of sales made. There are more than 19 currency pairs traded on Didimax.

2. Gold

As an investment safe haven, Precious metals such as gold and silver are of course one of the favorite assets of Didimax traders.

Trading gold on line itself is the process of buying and selling gold online in the market forex without any physical transfer. Trading Gold itself is considered to have high volatility in its market.

3. Crude Oil (Oil)

Crude oil or crude oill is a raw material that is refined to produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other petrochemicals.

In trading crude oil in Didimax, the traded is not oil but futures contracts for delivery to import countries with trading code CL.

4. Stock Index (Stock Index)

Didimax offers futures contracts on major Asian indices, such as the Nikkei (Japan), Hang Seng (Hongkong), as well as the United States such as the Dow Jones (Industrial), Nasdaq (Technology), and S&P (Finance). (RO/OL-09)

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