Cruz Beckham Celebrates Sweet Seventeen with Billie Eilish Themed Cake


have an idol, Cruz Beckham turned out to be infatuated by Billie Eilish. For his 17th birthday celebration, Cruz even asked for a Billie Eilish themed cake.

Having an idol or figure that is admired is very natural for everyone. Including children from world celebrities who also admire figures other than their parents.

Singers, actresses, actors to artists all have many fans. Cruz Beckham, who is known for his good looks, turns out to be a fan of Billie Eilish who is quite a fan.

Celebrating her child’s 17th birthday, Victoria Beckham shared a unique upload through her Instagram account. The Billie Eilish themed cake was showcased with her child’s happy expression.

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Celebrating his seventeenth birthday, Cruz Beckham received a surprise cake themed with Billie Eilish, his idol. Photo: The Sun

Citing via The Sun (20/2), the child of the couple David and Victoria Beckham recently celebrated his birthday. Like birthdays in general, Cruz Beckham get a surprise from his father, mother and also his three other siblings.

The teenager, who has just turned 17, turns out to be very fond of the figure of a young singer named Billie Eilish. Giving a special gift, David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper Beckham gave a cake with Billie Eilish.

The cake that was given to Cruz was literally filled with photos of Billie Eilish everywhere. The two-tiered cake was also decorated with lots of candles and a Billie Eilish dummy sitting on top.

“To Cruz. We love you so much. Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad, Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper,” wrote a sweet note at the bottom of the cake.

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Cruz Beckham Celebrates Sweet Seventeen with Billie Eilish Themed CakeVictoria Beckham has also planned a surprise party for her daughter by inviting all of Cruz’s closest friends. Photo: The Sun

Although not directly at his house when Cruz’s birthday, David Beckham also shared the moment when Cruz blew out the candles at home. In the video, the former football legend writes a message “Happy Birthday” to his son.

Wearing a pink sweater, Cruz looked surprised and so happy. Seeing a cake full of photos and miniatures of her idol singer, Cruz looked radiant.

After uploading a photo of Cruz with his cake, David Beckham also uploaded an old photo of his son when he was little. Cruz, who was wearing karate at the time, was seen learning a kick technique which made his father excited.

Even to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, Victoria Beckham, who is preparing for London Fashion Week, invited all of her friends Cruz Beckham. Even though celebrating his birthday in winter, the atmosphere for Cruz’s birthday this year was so warm.

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