Criticize Every Information in Digital Media

Advances in technology have made information easier to obtain. Unfortunately, many people on social media only see it from one side and jump to conclusions. However, the truth is still unclear.

“Criticize all the information received. Is the source credible? Don’t be easy to believe. An information obtained, if it is not clear it is true. It should be suspected as a hoax,” said the Regional Coordinator for Mafindo Bekasi Raya, Erie Heriyah in Kediri, East Java, on Friday (29/7).

Nowadays everyone can find various kinds of news and information in the digital world. However, not all the information seen or obtained is correct. So verification of information is important.

Read in full before disseminating information. Digitally savvy individuals always check the truth of any information from various trusted sources. Do not spread if the news is doubtful or not proven to be true.

“Not everyone who is caught by hoaxes is stupid. It is people who don’t think critically who are easily eaten by hoaxes,” said Erie. (OL-12)

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