Creative! This Pudding Seller Wears a Cat Costume to Attract Customers


Apart from offering great food, many people do unique things to attract customers’ attention. Like a pudding seller in Japan who wears a cat costume.

Japan is a paradise for delicious and unique cuisine. Not only the taste of the food is a mainstay, but also the way of presentation and the unique way of offering it gives its own charm.

In offering food, many vendors in Japan use cute costumes. One of them is done by the seller pudding.

quote Grapee (22/2), this pudding seller went viral in Japan for wearing a cat costume. The cat costume also looks original, so it looks like a giant cat offering pudding.

Rows of puddings peddled at AEON Mall, Japan by sellers dressed as giant cats. Photo: Grapee

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This pudding shop, whose sellers wear adorable cat costumes, can be found at AEON Mall, Matsuyama City, Japan. This ‘giant cat’ offers a soft sweet pudding from its outlet. The figure of this giant cat certainly stole the attention of mall visitors.

Many of them also stop at the outlet to buy pudding the. Not infrequently customers take videos or photos of a giant cat selling pudding.

Creative!  This Pudding Seller Wears a Cat Costume to Attract CustomersA pudding seller in a cat costume is serving buyers who make payment transactions. Photo: Grapee

In addition to the outlets, this giant cat costumed seller also often goes around the mall to offer pudding. The portrait of this cute giant cat selling pudding is often shared on the Twitter account @sakanouenoneko1. Not only in charge of offering pudding, this giant cat is also able to serve customers using a cash register for payment transactions.

To match the theme, packaging pudding This sweet and soft one was also given a product sticker with a cat picture. This pudding is sold for around 400 yen – 600 yen (Rp 50,000 – Rp 75,000) per pack of 120 grams. In addition to pudding, this outlet also offers roll cakes that are no less delicious.

In addition to successfully attracting the attention of customers, this giant cat has also been covered by several news media. Starting from online news to television.

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