Crazy! Burger McD ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on the online site for IDR 1.9 million


Some time ago McDonald’s launched a limited edition Chicken Big Mac menu. Now people actually sell these burgers at high prices through online sites.

In early February 2022, several McDonald’s branches announced the launch of a new menu, namely Chicken Big Mac. Previously this menu was popular with beef variants.

This chicken filled burger immediately went viral and made many people curious. Unfortunately this menu is sold in limited quantities, now even McDonald’s doesn’t provide it anymore due to booming sales. Some people seem to want to take the opportunity to make a profit.

Burger McD ‘Limited Edition’ Photo: eBay

Reporting from The Sun (15/2) several people were seen selling their Chicken Big Macs through the online auction site eBay. These burgers are offered at fantastic prices. The seller explained in the description column that this was the last Chicken Big Mac.

One burger stuffed with chicken meat that comes with sliced ​​lettuce, cheese and mayo sauce is offered with an initial price of £ 100 or around Rp. 1.9 million.

This site also found several sellers who auctioned off this ‘limited edition’ burger packaging. However, it has been observed that there has been no higher price offer for this burger and its packaging.

Through its Twitter account, McDonald’s UK announced that this chicken burger was selling well since its launch on February 1.
“Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knows no bounds and is sold out almost everywhere. Thanks for loving it more than we thought, it’ll be back soon,” the Twitter account tweeted. It was also announced that this burger will be available again in the next few weeks.

Chicken Big Mac itself is a clone menu of the original Big Mac but replaces beef with chicken. This burger consists of three buns with two crispy chicken. Also comes with cheese, lettuce, pickles and Big Mac mayo sauce.

For the original price, one cup of this burger is priced at £4 or around Rp. 77 thousand.

This unique food auction through an online site is actually not the first time this has been done. Previously, someone had auctioned a heart-shaped potato chip for Rp. 4.8 million. There was also a teenager on Goldcoast who found a piece of Doritos chip that was in the shape of a bubble. When sold on an auction site, he managed to get $ 10 thousand (Rp 143 million) for a piece of this uniquely shaped chip.

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