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Cooperating with Tokocrypto, Cydonia Fund to Build a Global-Scale Web3 Ecosystem

The EXECUTIVE (board of directors) of the crypto trading platform, Tokocrypto, is partnered with Cydonia Fund initiated by IndoGen Capital and Finch Asia as a complement to the web3 ecosystem through a venture capital investment vehicle.

This strategic step is in line with Tokocypto’s vision to continue to be a builder and leader in the crypto, blockchain and web3 ecosystems in the country and to bring Indonesia to be a barometer in the global arena. Cydonia Fund is the first International Web3 Fund from Indonesia.

Tokocrypto CSO Chun Ying Lai said that his party is committed to continuing to be a builder and leader in the crypto, blockchain and web3 ecosystem in Indonesia and to ensure that a healthy ecosystem is formed and can bring Indonesia to be a barometer on the Asian and global regional scale.

“We believe and believe that Indonesia has great potential for that, and it can be seen from the success of the TSBA accelerator with BRI Ventures. The Cydonia Fund will participate in supporting the TokoLabs and Tokocrypto ecosystems, along with other Tokocrypto partners,” he said.

The involvement of Tokocrypto executives, Ying added, in Cydonia to ensure that the best deal will be given to Cydonia from all over the world, otherwise the Tokocrypto ecosystem will be fully supported by the Cydonia Fund.

Managing Partner of IndoGen Capital who will also serve as General Partner in Cydonia, Chandra Firmanto said, Indogen really appreciates the support and trust from Tokocrypto executives who contributed to Indonesia’s first Web3 Fund.

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“We appreciate this synergy step. Indogen will bring its specialization as one of the best venture capitalists in providing value added support to the management of Cydonia. In addition, there is also support from the Indogen ecosystem which includes Jababeka, Mahaka Media Group, Japanese Trade Organization (JETRO). With this collaboration, we are confident that Cydonia will become a Fund to be reckoned with at the international level,” he said.

As another originator of the Cydonia Fund, also present was Hans De Back, Managing Partner of Finch Asia, who said that the collaboration between Cydonia and Tokocrypto executives had a high global significance, after previously collaboration between venture capital and crypto asset trading platforms had also been initiated in other parts of the world. other world.

“As the adoption of crypto assets continues to increase globally, many new venture capital companies that focus on investing in digital assets have emerged. However, there are still very few venture capital companies that have strategic relationships with large-scale crypto asset trading platforms as domain experts. Reflecting on the collaboration between FTX, Solana Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners in the United States at the end of 2021, we believe it is the right move for Cydonia Fund to partner with such a well-known platform, and we are very pleased to have found such a partner in Tokocrypto’s executive ranks. ,” he explained.

On this occasion, Cydonia management also provides an opportunity for every company, individual or Web3 startup who is interested in joining, participating in the Cydonia ecosystem or getting support from Cydonia.

For information, Indogen Capital is an experienced venture capitalist since 2016 and currently has run 2 Funds with 25 under management portfolios, 2 unicorns unders Portfolio and 5 successful exits such as Carsome, Shipper, Aruna, Evos, Travelio.

Meanwhile, Finch Asia, which is a venture capital company with a track record of FinTech, has been actively investing in Asia since 2014 with Indonesia as the market focus. Finch Asia is an investor in several startups including AyoConnect, Grab, Tada, Pintek, and Jojonomics. (RO/OL-7)