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Cool! This Woman Successfully Lose Weight Up To 114 Kg!


Had a weight of 181 kg, this woman managed to lose 114 kg of fat in her body. He changed his mindset and eating style.

An unhealthy relationship, or a toxic relationship, is one of the causes of Pureness Taylor’s weight gain. Make-up artist from Toronto, Canada. From the beginning she did have a curvaceous body, but from the early age of 20, she started dating a man and made her mentally disturbed.

Reporting from DailyMailUK (18/03), Taylor often overeats which causes her to gain weight up to 181 kg. Every time he broke up or the relationship ran aground, he treated his sadness and confusion by overeating.

But entering the pandemic, he decided to change his lifestyle. He began to follow the intermittent fasting diet, which is fasting for a certain period of time that has been set.

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Cool! This Woman Successfully Lose Weight Up To 114 Kg! Photo: DailyMailUK

“I remember, because I was too heavy in the past I had to go to the hospital often, see a doctor and so on. I had difficulty breathing, my ears hurt, I had a headache, and this continued. My knees hurt too. I was too fat and overweight,” Taylor recalls.

“Every time I end an unhealthy relationship I’m definitely consumed with feelings. Then I will eat, because that’s the only solution I can find,” continued Taylor.

I don’t want to be stuck in the same situation all the time. She began to change her mindset, she no longer wanted to be a woman with excess weight who finished eating supplies at home.

He started looking for videos and diet tips on YouTube. He changed his diet to a keto diet, where he only eats foods that contain low carbohydrates to intermittent fasting.

Then he also followed the OMAD (One Meal a Day) diet, which only allowed him to eat once a day and it was very influential on his body. Within a few months, he managed to lose around 114.3 kg of weight, of course, balanced by regular exercise in the gym.

Cool!  This Woman Successfully Lose Weight Up To 114 Kg!Cool! This Woman Successfully Lose Weight Up To 114 Kg! Photo: DailyMailUK

“People comment that I purposely starve myself, but it’s not like that. I still get calories, just in one meal. When I started losing weight, I naturally had more energy. I used to weigh almost 181 kg. , now my weight is only 67 kg,” he admitted proudly.

“So eating once a day is a way of manipulating the body to use it as fuel,” he said. In addition to feeling more confident, Taylor now feels healthier since OMAD helps increase her body’s metabolic system.

“My weight loss has changed my life, mentally, self-confident, and of course my physical abilities,” he concluded.

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